Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

One of the most accessible, cost efficient and versatile things you can use to spruce up a wall is a mirror.  Think of mirrors as decorative windows you can move....
Photo from Pinterest's site.
While a mirror seems like a mere common decorating item it's actually a clever way to enhance a space and can actually make a space look taller, longer, fancier and more chic depending on how you utilize it. Flip them, stack them, mix them, lean them, hang them, light them, the list goes on and on....

Photo from Ballard Designs website.

 Don't have a lot of windows in a room? Hang a mirror on a window-less wall to give the illusion of a window. This works because light bounces off of the glass  and reflect the elements surrounding it. 
Photo from Pottery Barn's website.

A cool piece like this can quickly transform the look of a bathroom. Take down the plate glass mirror and replace it with one or two (depending on how long your wall is) decorative mirrors like this. You instantly transform the space from vanilla to vanilla with sprinkles! :)
Photo from google search.

A wall of mirrors is a definite statement but a good option to open up a space, giving the illusion that the room is wider and taller than it actually is.
Photo from google search.

Placing your TV over the fireplace may be the best for your viewing pleasure but typically adds nothing aesthetically to the room, especially when it's turned off.  A mirror, however is a different story. Placing a mirror over your fireplace can really open up the space. The TV in the mirror concept featured above is cool in general, but even better, it essentially kills two birds with one stone; keeping the TV central in the room but at the same time allowing the mirror to enhance the space when the TV is off.

Don't think you have to spend a fortune to utilize mirrors in your home, check out your local Goodwill store or your attic/basement for mirrors you can give a little face lift to!

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Jack and Mary Andrews said...

Courtney,again a great blog.You are the Steve Jobs of design and vision !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Courtney Foster said...

Wow! What a compliment - thank you!

Veronica Pargas said...

I like your post in two birds in one stone, What a beautiful post.

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Thanks Veronica!

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