Monday, December 24, 2012

There's More Than One Way to Skin A Cat...

and apparently about a bazillion ways to decorate a Christmas tree. 

I love holiday decorations - the tree, the wreaths, the lights, the stockings and the list goes on. Maybe the best part of holiday decor is that while a lot of the same elements are used by many, every person has their own process and flair. Like so many things, holiday decor presents an opportunity for an individuals personality to shine bright. But before you can shine you have to identify your holiday vibe, and that's no easy task because there are so many decisions to consider - white lights or colored? Red & Green balls or Blue and White? Handmade and sentimental ornaments vs. store bought? Big and tall tree or short and fat tree? Angel at the top of the tree or star, or maybe Santa hat? There are seriously SO many options. With so many choices it's fascinating to see what people hone in on and how they bring it all together.

So, how did I become so in the know regarding Christmas Trees? Simple, I am literally in the land of Christmas trees as I write this post.  I arrived home for the holidays this weekend and let me tell you, it's like a Christmas wonderland here. My Mom is without a doubt the Christmas Tree Queen. To say she loves Christmas is an understatement and that love mixed with a flair for decorating makes her one mean lean, Christmas Tree decorating machine. There are eight Christmas trees in this house, yes you read that right...EIGHT, each in different rooms throughout the house and each with their own personality.

Sit back, relax and let me show you around.............

Foyer Tree.

Above is the first tree you see when you walk through the front door. It stands at sixteen feet tall and was decorated by my five foot one and a half inch tall Mom. Alone. I know, she's crazy and impressive, but this tree truly sets the stage for the warmth and holiday cheer you will experience as you wander throughout the house.

Dining Room Tree.
The dining room tree is a corner tree that shines with red lights. This room is more formal so the decor is a mixture of large Christmas balls, red and white flowers and small frames showcasing family pictures.

Library Tree.
 The library is home to a baby grand piano and doubles as a music room of sorts. The tree in this space is short and fat and full of music themed ornaments and a sheet music print ribbon that winds throughout the tree into a bow on the front.

Den Tree.
This is our family Christmas tree ,where we gather around to open presents, stockings, watch Christmas movies, etc...This tree is full of sentimental ornaments that my sister and I made growing up as well as ornaments we have collected as a family over the years.

Kitchen Tree.
 The kitchen tree sits behind the sink on the countertop. It's short and fat with long feathers at the top to give it height and personality.
Office Tree.
This BLACK Christmas tree sits in the office and is all decked out in University of Georgia ornaments and decor.There's even a little jolly UGA gnome that sits at the base of the tree.
Guest Room Tree.
This little tree sits in the Guest room. Every ornament on this tree was selected and collected over time to coordinate with the custom bedding in the room.
Guest Room Tree.
This is one of my favorite trees. It's a gold tree decorated with various sized red balls. There are no, lights, no tree topper and no fuss. It's simple, yet sophisticated. P.S. the lights you see behind the tree are coming from the garland on the stairs that is plugged in behind the tree.
Well, there you have it - eight trees, some big, some small, some short, some tall (I could write for Dr. Seuss). Every tree is different and every one thoughtfully decorated. None of these trees happened over night, the decor and concepts have evolved over time. It truly seems like each year, things look even more beautiful and festive than the year before. I hope you enjoyed your tour, I know some may think I'm biased but I'd say my Mom has it going on in the Christmas decorating department. Crazy thing is, these are just the trees, there's oh so much more I could show - think nutcrackers, formal dining room place settings, garland, wreaths, stockings and wrapped packages, but that's all for another day, another blog.
The Cow Spot wishes you all Happy Holidays & a very Merry Christmas!!!
All photos are from Lori Foster.

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