Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SINK Your Teeth into This

Before we dive into this weeks post I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who took the time to vote for The Cow Spot for apartment therapy's Homie award. TCS didn't win, but I was so excited/honored by how many people voted! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I play favorites a lot in my life. I have a favorite number (14), a favorite color (Blue), a favorite food (cheese dip of course), a favorite sister (Candace) and a favorite sink. Yes, you read that right - favorite SINK. While a plumbing fixture might seem like an odd thing to have strong feelings about, let me tell ya - this sink is different. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is extremely durable. I think we can all agree aesthetics and durability are uber relevant when it comes to one of the most used items in the kitchen.  So, let's get to it.... I'm watching the Grammy's while writing this post so we're going to play it like this.....

The award for Courtney's favorite sink goes to........

Blanco's Silgranit Sinks

Not only do Silgranit sinks come in a slew of different shapes, sizes and colors but they are near indestructible. When you think of all the abuse a kitchen sink takes on a daily basis, it's easy to see why a sink that is heat resistant, scratch resistant, acid resistant, and stain resistant would be desirable.

Silgranit is a quartz material made of 80% granite with the look and feel of real stone without the maintenance. Blanco's Silgranit sinks offer an advanced surface technology that ensures the sinks are easy-to-clean and extremely hygienic AND because these sinks are man-made they are non-porous which means staining is not an issue. It's a sad day when you've helped someone design their dream kitchen, see it all come together and then WHAM, as soon as they start actually living in the kitchen, things get scratched, stained, faded, etc...Blanco has gone to great lengths to ensure that their sinks hold up to even your toughest or dumbest sink interactions. I say dumbest because I've been known to pour some pretty ridiculous things down a kitchen sink (white oil based paint......OYYY.)

So many times "durable" options mean you sacrifice the pretty factor. I mean, you can cover your couch with a plastic slip cover to protect it but....GAG. The best part about the Silgranit line is not only do they have our best interest at heart regarding durability, but they understand we need our sinks to be beautiful and they understand one sink doesn't fit all so we need options. There are 23 different shapes to choose from, so whether you prefer a double bowl sink, a single bowl sink, a bar sink, etc...they've got ya covered.

Their sinks come in seven different colors including.....

Color - Anthracite

I used the exact sink pictured above in a kitchen remodel I did in Chattanooga. The curved back of the sink looks really cool when installed. The countertop (in this kitchen's case granite) follows the curve of the sink, creating a pop of interest. The anthracite color is really sharp and offers a nice contrast with lighter colored countertops.

Color - Metallic Gray

The metallic gray finish is a nice option if you like the stainless look. This color will be more matte than stainless steel, but tonally it's in the same family. The home owner's at my #Northcliff project are considering using this finish for their wet bar sink.

Color - Truffle 

This is the exact sink we are using at my #Stonemountain project. It's a nice deep sink, again with the slight curve at the back. The color is Silgranit's newest addition - truffle. It's such a warm sophisticated color.

Other colors include: White, Bisque, Cafe' Brown and Biscotti.

I was reminded of my sink love recently when I found myself specifying and advising some clients (#northcliff & #stonemountain) on their prospective kitchen sink purchases. As I was telling each of these clients about the benefits of Silgranit it occurred to me that I too will be needing a kitchen sink for my kitchen remodel. Would I be putting my money where my mouth is regarding my love for these sinks? After about 5 seconds of deliberation I decided the answer was YES! Brent and I will choose one of these sinks for our own space. I'm not sure what color or shape as of now, but I do know that a product this durable with a plethora of enticing shapes and colors is definitely the product for me and my kitchen!

For more info on Blanco Silgranit sinks check out their website here.

All photos are from google search.

6 Appreciated Comments :

Tabears said...

I am thinking like another of your readers - might have to stop reading your blog, because it encourages me to want to buy new things. This product looks great! Thank you for the recommendation. I am just curious - is your Stone Mountain project in the home of my cousins? /Debbie

Courtney Foster said...

It is! They are getting a brand new kitchen! The project is rolling along so smoothly and they are so excited! I can't wait for you to see the before and afters. The space is stunning and they are having such a fun time with the process.

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