Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ta Ta Santa, Hello...

We are only 14 hours into the new year and I'm already busting with exciting news to share!

Remember a few years ago, when The Cow Spot was but a wee babe, and was nominated for "Best New Design Blog" for the Design Bloggers Hall of Fame? I didn't end up taking home the prize back in 2012, but I did become aware of the Design Blogger community which is a win in and of itself. Each year the Design Blogger Conference brings bloggers from across the country together for two days full of speakers, workshops and networking. And this year......The Design Blogger Conference will be held right here in Atlanta!

Photo from google search. 
As thrilling as it is to live in the host city for the conference, the super exciting part of this story is that this year's Design Blogger Conference will be kicked off by the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Luxury Living Show at Phipps. The Luxury Living Show Kitchen I WILL BE DESIGNING!!

You may remember I worked on the Luxury Living Show last year with Mike Bell & Joel Kelly. Same show, different kitchen! In fact this will be the fifth Luxury Living Kitchen for Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios!

This year the Luxury Living show will be held in a new location at Phipps Plaza - the kitchen will sit in the same court yard as Santa!

Mike Bell and I have been brainstorming and designing for weeks, getting our overall vision together. We are super pumped about the direction this design is going and can't wait to start narrowing down the finishes. This year will differ from earlier years in that we will be designing the space as well as picking all elements - countertops, flooring, back splash, lighting and hardware. We are very excited for the challenge and can't wait to debut our design on March 2nd! 

Stay tuned, I will be back with more information regarding dates, times and speakers. In the meantime keep an eye on my Instagram as I'm sure I will be posting progress shots!

Happy New Year Everyone, 2014 is already off to a great start! 
Photo via Pinterest
Unless noted all photos are my own. 

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