Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nesbit Lakes Basement Bar

Welcome to every sports fanatics dream - a basement remodel complete with a beautifully stocked bar, SIX televisions, a pool table and loads of sports memorabilia adorning the walls. 

Speaking of sports memorabilia - check out the fun stadium seating from the old Braves the pop of red!

Chris Pfahl of Dreamweaver Building & Remodeling gave this entire basement an overhaul and invited me to the remodeling party to design the bar.

Bars can be tricky little devils to design. Often times bars have a lot of the same components as kitchens - appliances, sink/faucet and cabinetry. So it's important to focus on creating a space that feels more "Bar" and less Kitchenette. There are several ways to go about this, starting with the appliances. Nothing screams kitchenette like appliances, especially full sized units. So, we kept the appliances, all FIVE of them under counter and panelized everything we could.

From the get go we knew this space would play host to hungry, thirsty, sports crazed friends and family, so it was important that it pack a lot of functionality. As I said, there are five appliances in this bar including a microwave, under counter refrigerator, dishwasher, under counter wine unit and ice machine.  All of that in addition to a trash pullout, sink base and roll outs offer plenty of space to store bar ware, liquor, wine, beer, coozies, napkins, snacks and other bar necessities. 

For the back wall I designed open shelving flanked by wall cabinetry to the countertops. Antique mirror was installed for the backsplash and on the wall cabinets. The cabinetry to the ceiling in addition to the mirror gives the room height and depth and the open shelving provides the perfect place to store and display liquor bottles.

The clients really wanted the bar to be a place you could "belly up" and hang out. To create this vibe a bar rail was added to the wood top and a brass foot rail was installed along the bottom, both of which  create a bold visual and a comfortable space to have a drink and relax.

Every angle of this bar is relevant because depending on which way you enter the basement this bar is always in sight. For the back of the bar, which you see upon entering the basement from the upstairs, I designed deep dish panels to be installed along with posts and large corbels. These types of beefy details are a bar's best friend.

 I'm so pleased with how this space transformed and I could definitely see myself enjoying the ambiance and relaxing with a cold drink - especially around football season! Again, a huge shout-out to Chris Pfahl of Dreamweaver Building & Remodeling who was responsible for all of the ins and outs of this project, once again he delivers an exceptional experience and product to his clients! All cabinetry is by Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios and the photography is by Jen Wunderlich Photography

Cheers to great clients and a beautiful space!

Photography by Jen Wunderlich Photography.

7 Appreciated Comments :

Steve Martin said...

Awesome bar in the basement....!!
I loved the chairs and table, it's color, decoration, materials are too good...!!

Really a great basement decoration idea...!!

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Thanks so much Steve!

Albert Andrews said...

Wow! They really did a wonderful job in styling and remodeling that basement. It now looks a dream come true for every male sports fan. I like how elegant the bar looks. I love everything about it, actually. Haha! Thanks for sharing. :)

Albert Andrews @ Pharaoh Manufacturing

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Thank you Albert!

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