Saturday, October 13, 2012

Journey to the Wow

We are all looking for inspiration that will ignite excitement and set the wheels in motion for what we want for our own homes.

However, as happy and glossy as that ^ sounds I do realize that sometimes the wheels a turnin' are the least of our problems. Sometimes the funds are just not available. But fear not, every room's journey to the wow is going to be different. So, how does one go about improving their own space if ripping out the contents and starting over just isn't an option? Well.... I'm happy to report there are some face-lift-ish things you can do in a DIY (do-it-yourself) way to really turn your space around without breaking the bank. A few weeks ago I shared a laundry/mudroom project that was very well received. So, this week I want to show you two more laundry rooms that are equally as exciting but highlight a different journey to their individual wow results.

I think it's time to introduce you to one of my favorite blogs, which showcase a fair share of projects that are price conscious but pack a lot of punch. And no, I'm not talking about pinterest projects. I'm talking about real life laundry rooms that fellow bloggers revamped and improved in creative relatable ways.

Both laundry room projects were done by the happy couple at Young House Love. YHL is a blog written by a pair of husband and wife DIY'ers. They are uber creative, energetic and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoy reading their blog each and every day. If you visit their page you will see they've had two houses and two laundry room projects, so double the inspirations from this source! Weee!

Photo from Young House Love Blog.

Above is a before shot of the first laundry room - look familiar? I think we can all relate to this shot. The above is what happens when our laundry rooms become the catch all's catch all.

Photo from  Young House Love Blog.
And here is the after shot. What a transformation, right?! While the space did receive a new front load washer and dryer, everything else in the space is relatively inexpensive and doable for all of us. Let's start with the bamboo blinds they used to cover the open shelving. The shades act as a DIY cabinet door, but better. The unexpected use of these blinds not only adds a covering for stored items that may or may not always be in place but they add texture and interest to the space. Like the laundry room I showed you a few weeks ago, this space features a countertop over the washer and dryer but here this top is plywood that was painted! How genius! The countetop provides a perfect surface for folding laundry and because they used plywood instead of a stone surface the price tag can't be beat.

Photo from Young House Love Blog.
Above is the before shot of laundry room number two. As you can see, the space is rather drab and offers very little in terms of storage.

Photo from Young House Love Blog. 

And here is the after...I love it - so bright, so happy, so organized! As you can see the existing cabinets remained and new open shelving was added in what was the vacant space to the right of the washer/dryer units. Just like the laundry room from a few weeks ago, the use of baskets not only help organize the contents of the space, but add some flair and texture to the room. I love how they added hooks under the window to create their very own mudroom effect - the perfect place to hang little jackets, mittens and hats. The fresh coat of paint, new flooring, art work and cool lighting bring the whole space together.

So, there you have it, two laundry room face-lifts that are sure to get your wheels a turnin'. Going forward, as you make your own "to do" list for your house, keep in mind that every space is different and it doesn't always take a lot of money to turn a space around.  Sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and get creative. For more info and pics on these projects and more (oh so much more) check out the Young House Love blog here. OH... and even better, they're coming out with a book.....

It releases 4 days after my birthday............could be a great present...hint hint :)

All photos are from Young House Love's Blog.

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