Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#Agnes Bath Reveal

I love a good face lift story. No, not a housewives style face lift, I'm talking about a room face lift. There is nothing better than taking a room in need and giving it new life by doing a little nip here and a little tuck there. You may remember I introduced my #Agnes bath project back in April - a master bath in need of a makeover. Well, after much planning and finish selecting the space was gutted and put back together layer by layer and today it's ready for it's close up. 

Everyone knows a before picture to glance at before seeing the final reveal is like the cherry on top of that hot fudge sundae.  So, without further adieu, the before shots:

Photo provided by the homeowner.

Photo provided by the homeowner.

Photo provided by the homeowner.

And today.....

I wanted to start with this view of the room which is similar to the first "before" shot above. While you can't see many of the specifics of the space, you can already tell it's a much happier, brighter and welcoming room.

The cabinetry originally stretched across most of the left wall with a tall linen cabinet to the far right. While the amount of cabinetry was good the orientation and organizational opportunities were just not there. So, we decided to split the vanities into his and hers with a tall mirror in between. This way we could give each person the internal cabinetry resources they needed for their routines. 

The room is long, but somewhat narrow so it was hard to capture the long walls in their entirety. So I'm going to show you one vanity at a time. Let's start with "her side": 

For her side two wall cabinets with drawers underneath were installed on top of the countertop. 

The wall cabinets have adjustable shelves inside to house various toiletry products. An outlet was placed in the far right wall cabinet for her hair dryer to plug into and the adjustable shelf gives her hair dryer, brush and mirror their own resting spot. As for the drawers, a girl can ALWAYS use a drawer. Whether for make-up, q-tips, jewelry or other miscellaneous bathroom must-haves the more drawers the better. 

His side:

We designed the vanities to look identical from the outside, but sometimes what you see isn't necessarily what you get. His needs were different, so the inside of his cabinetry was customized to fit his requirements. 

While it appears he has the same wall cabinet with the drawer underneath, not so, his wall cabinets have adjustable shelving all the way up with no drawers underneath, just a door made to look like a door/drawer. 

Surprise! A trash pullout is hidden behind what looks to be a drawer bank. In my opinion a trash cabinet in the bathroom is genius. Every time you finish a bottle of shampoo, open a new tube of toothpaste, use a q-tip, a tissue, have to throw it away. How convenient to have that trash can right at your finger tips. Most people hide their trash cans away in the water closet or leave it out in plain sight, but how nice to have it tucked away, nice and neat, but still super accessible? Like I said...genius.

Notice it looks as though both vanities have a drawer bank under their sink. Nope - tricked ya again! What you're seeing is a door made to look like three drawers. Actual drawers under a sink can work, but after you maneuver around the plumbing, sometimes you are left with little storage space. These cabinets became a great place to store extra towels, toilet paper, etc...

And this is my best attempt at capturing this whole wall at once. Hello beautiful.

The vanity color is Sherwin William's Mega Greige SW7031 and the countertops are Cambria's Sussex. The cabinetry and the mirror were custom made by Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios

The finish and distressing for the mirror was a custom application for this project.

For years the homeowner would have to stand on the tub deck to get a full view of her outfit in the vanity mirror. I think we can all relate to this issue. I mean, the shoes are sometimes the best part of the outfit and if you can't see them.....failure. So, this tall mirror was our solution. And bonus, it adds an additional layer of texture and interest through the size and distressed finish. 

On the other side of the room, the garden tub was removed and the shower was completely gutted and enlarged.

The tub is MTI's Melinda, how beautiful is this piece?  Oh and that light! I don't have a picture, but the lighting before didn't work and was out of scale for the vaulted ceiling. THIS light is the perfect size and adds another layer of pizazz to this side of the room.

The shower and the bathroom floor were tiled in a beautiful porcelain tile. 

 We went with the herringbone pattern on the floor and a vertical installation on the walls, both in the shower and surrounding the tub. The depth of color and linear movement in this tile is beautiful. It looks like natural stone but because it's porcelain you get the look without the maintenance. 

The walls were painted Sherwin William's Incredible White, SW7028 which created a nice calming background allowing all of these finishes and textures to come alive. 

Well, there you have it, the #Agnes bath in all it's glory! It's always exciting to be a part of a face lift project. You spend so much time planning and dreaming and searching for just the right solutions and finishes. Once the demo begins it's such a joy to sit back and watch the space take shape as each component is added until it's finally complete and ready to be enjoyed for years to come! 

Unless otherwise noted all photos are my own.

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CFS the 1st: said...

I am obsessed with the light and floors!!! (really all of it!)

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Thank you! I agree, just the right amount of texture and funk! :)

Dan Rizzi said...

It’s fairly obvious you love the light hues. That makes sense, as you wouldn’t be needing much light to illuminate the room. Not to mention, light colors are cooler to look at, thus affecting the atmosphere of the room. Dan @ I.P.Q. Construction

Lynne Halloran said...

Wow! You have a very nice bathroom, Courtney. It sure went through a wonderful transformation. I love the colors! It's very relaxing and comfortable. And I also like the full body mirror; it's definitely a must-have in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing this!

Lynne Hollaran @ Sub Urban Glass

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Thank you Lynne!

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