Thursday, April 18, 2013

#AgnesBath Project Introduction

Last week a new bath remodel project kicked off, I have dubbed this project #AgnesBath. On Monday the bathroom was demoed. The tile, the cabinets, the tub, the lighting, the mirror...all gone.

This master bath is original to the house and, as is the case with so many people, this bath remodel has been on the "to do" list for sometime. While the space is a nice size it lacked texture and personality.

The room is long with the vanities on the left wall and the shower, tub and water closet lined up on the right wall. As we went through the design phase we played with several options regarding layouts, but concluded that the existing layout of the space worked pretty well, it just needed a few tweaks and a material face lift.

As you can see from the photos above, there are a decent amount of cabinets in the existing space. Storage is important in a bathroom and is typically one of the top reasons to remodel. However, an abundance of cave cabinets (cabinet doors that open to an open cavity) can actually discourage organization.

Here are a few sketches that got us started.....

So, the game plan for this space includes rearranging the cabinet storage by separating his and her vanities. Not only will the clients end up with more usable/organizable space but the two vanities will look more like furniture pieces as opposed to standard cabinets. We also plan to do a cool, fresh tile on the floors, shower and on up the walls in certain areas. A new tub, countertops, lighting and a fun mirror will bring the whole space together.

This has been a fun project to work on . The homeowners have been wide open to any and all ideas and things have just come together so organically. No stress, just too much pretty to handle.

Below is a concept board for this bathroom.....stay tuned, this one is going to be a beauty! I can't wait!
Created by Courtney Foster through Oiliobaord.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho off to KBIS I go. I'll be back next week with all my finds and hopefully some celebrity sightings.
All photos are courtesy of the homeowner. 

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