Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hi, I'm Courtney and I'm a Kitchen & Bath designer in Atlanta. I grew up in Ringgold, GA and attended The University of Georgia where I earned a degree in Furnishings and Interiors. I love design and I love fashion and by fashion I mean beautiful clothes and especially shoes. I would describe myself as asymmetrical, like a cow spot. I have strong feelings about certain numbers. I believe the similarities between interior design and fashion are many. When it comes to fashion or interiors I believe there's something about the chase. People fascinate me. I'd say people are my favorite part of what I do. I love how my job allows me to meet so many people and spend time inside their inner world. I believe in travel and love how it opens your eyes to new ideas. Design has been around for thousands of years and is seen in all periods of history; The Parthenon in Athens, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Castle in Prague are just a few of the masterpieces I've had the opportunity to experience first hand.

I've been in the Kitchen & Bath industry for three years, four months and two days. Bear with me here, because in an industry where some have over 30 years experience you claim every ounce of the experience you have. Over the past 3 years I have learned a lot, I have formed a lot of opinions and thoughts. Opinions and thoughts I want to share with you. The design industry is fun. Updating your home is fun but it's a process, a process that can quickly become overwhelming. Just like anything else the more you do the more you know and that's where I come in. At 25 (8 days away from 26) my philosophy is: BE RELATABLE. And that's what I want this blog to be, relatable. Through this blog I will share with you my design thoughts based on my own experiences and observations and hopefully they will be interesting or at least entertaining to you.