Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spotted - Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Grab a copy of September's edition of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. The issue features the National Kitchen & Bath Association of Georgia's 2011 Calla Awards including my award for Large Kitchen!

Isn't the cover beautiful?

Here's a glimpse at the article. The kitchen I worked on is shown on the bottom of page 34. This project features beaded inset cherry cabinetry, a custom copper hood, and custom ice-box refrigerator hardware. This kitchen went through a major re-design requiring walls to be removed and reworked. The new kitchen surpassed all expectations aesthetically and functionally and will definitely be a place this family of four can enjoy for years to come.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles is one of my favorite publications. Each month I anxiously await the newest copy, excited to see page after page of inspiration. I'm so jazzed to finally have a project I worked on featured in the magazine - I've arrived! ;)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Throw Some Glitter On It

You know, there's just something about things that sparkle. Sequins, glitter and other forms of sparkle have been prevalent in fashion for sometime. Interestingly, as of lately I've seen a trend towards the integration of more and more bling to interiors. As fun and exciting as this trend has the potential to be, it could get tacky REAL fast.

As always, less is more - let's explore.......

 The savvy use of the randomly placed glass tiles give this bathroom an additional layer of elegance. It's funny how something so small can make such an impact when hit by the light.  

How snazzy is this? We've seen the use of the glass tiles to add shimmer, but here the glass tiles were installed in a striped pattern against gray walls. The sparkly stripes and pops of pink scream feminine chic' - love it.

Photo from Cambria's website.

This is Rosslyn, one of Cambria's latest creations. I was SO excited to hear this slab as well as Berkeley were introduced this month! I saw this quartz slab in Chicago back in April at KBIS. At that time Cambria was teasing us with samples of several slabs that "could be" based on interest. Obviously I was not alone in my love for this surface because here it is and what a beauty! This photo truly doesn't do it justice as it is so warm, so sparkly and has so much potential to add a fun punch to any space.

Photo from google search.

These are toss pillow covers from West Elm. What a fun way to easily add some sparkle to your space without over committing. 

How feminine and fabulous is this sequined shower curtain over that claw foot tub?  I'm not sure I would cover up a claw foot tub with a shower curtain but if for some reason it was necessary I think this curtain is a fun choice.

OK, maybe this doesn't completely go with my above less is more comment but what a fun statement wall! Obviously you would have to have the right type of business to make this work. Love the mixture of the gold sequined wall with the black and white rug and pink walls - very Beyonce' meets Mackenzie Childs.

Elements with a little sparkle have the unique ability to demand attention. If done tastefully a little sparkle here and there can add an unexpected layer of elegance and sophistication to any space.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mixed Greens

This weekend was Georgia's tax free shopping weekend! I was very excited as this is always a good time to make some Fall purchases. Even though it's only 7 -8% off, every little bit helps make certain pricey items a little more obtainable. I can rationalize anything... "it's a gift!" :)

As we all know, Tangerine Tango is the "color-of-the-year", but I'd say green is one of the hottest colors of this upcoming Fall season. We all know fashion and interiors are very much intertwined, so I set out to do some research this past weekend. As I was perusing some of my favorite stores (preparing my Fall wish list), I noticed the most beautiful shades of green showcased in everything from clothing to accessories.

This shade of green...........
2012 Tory Burch
Marianne Pump
in Malachite Green.

... and these shades...

Kate Spade jewelry display showcasing various shades of green.
Photo my own.

And this shade.....(no pun intended here, haha)
2012 Tory Burch
Classic Sunglasses
in Lagoon Green

The green hues are so fresh and exciting and have the potential to add a pop of warmth and elegance to any backdrop be it an outfit or a room.

After a little digging  I believe I found a few paint colors and interior versions of this hot trend for you to consider for your space.
Benjamin Moore's Lafayette Green HC-135
This color would require a good deal of light in the room to keep it from getting too dark, but I think it's got a rich softness about it that could add an unexpected pop to any space. 

How pretty is this? Bold, but pretty. Before taking the plunge with a color like this for all the cabinets in your kitchen, you want to make sure you really really really love it. With that being said, it's beautiful, different and fresh. I could see this color on an island with a contrasting perimeter - maybe a white.  

Notice how nice this green pairs with black, silver, white and gold.

This photo is via HouseBeautiful.
The perimeter cabinets in this kitchen are painted in Benjamin Moore's Sherwood Green HC-118. I think the space is light and airy. This green is not too in your face and really works nicely with the stained finish on the islands.

Benjamin Moore's Surf Blue 2056-30.
The wall color above comes across a bit more teal than the others but I think it's vibrant and beautiful.

This photo is via HouseBeautiful.
I really like this shot. The pops of green really create a funky, fresh look in what would otherwise be a very stark and sleek space. I love the pattern of the wallpaper & the mirror over the tub.

Green with envy yet?  It's never healthy to wish one's life away, but between the fashion taking over the racks as we speak and the photos above I'm itching for a time and place to play with a little green myself. Stay tuned!

Unless otherwise noted all photos are from google search.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sometimes Pretty Can be like Functionals Third Cousin Once Removed

My last blog post discussing HouseBeautiful's Kitchen of the Year has sparked several conversations with people both in and out of the industry regarding functional vs. pretty. Show homes, magazines and displays go above and beyond to create breathtaking spaces, but, like the Kitchen of the Year a lot of times beautiful does not translate into functional or realistic options for everyday life.

Publications and show houses are to interiors what fashion week is to fashion.

Fashion Show - Alexander McQueen
Most of us take ques from what we see walking down the cat-walk but few people take the exact looks to the street. Fashion shows are meant to spark interest and convey styles and trends, but it is the discretion of each viewer as to how they are going to translate these looks into their own wardrobe.

Interiors are no different. For most, when they decide it's time for a kitchen or bath remodel it's because something in their current space is not working and probably hasn't been for sometime. As important as it is to make the new space beautiful, the goal is also to increase the functionality as much as possible.

One of the main topics of conversation from last weeks post came from this shot featuring the polished stainless steel open shelving.

This look definitely makes an attractive statement, but most would agree it is not the most functional for everyday use. While the dishes, bowls and glasses have been arranged on the shelves as if this is where you would actually store these items, I'm not sure that's realistic for most. Picture yourself preparing dinner for your family or having guests over for a get together; if the items stored on these open shelves were actually used during your preparation, there is no way the shelves would always look like this. Is this a problem? No, but, it is something to keep in mind. Efforts would have to be made daily to keep everything looking neat and orderly.

Let me start by saying that I really like this kitchen. I love the pops of yellow against the white and of course I'm loving the brass hardware. But, all of those thoughts are for another day, another blog. Today, let's focus on the entire wall of open shelves. Again, this creates a beautiful focal wall, but offers very little in terms of storage. Unless you have a very large kitchen with an abundance of storage on other walls, dedicating one whole wall to open shelving could be limiting.

This butler's pantry is another Mick De Giuilio creation. Notice the wall cabinets all have glass fronts while the base cabinets are solid. I feel about glass front cabinets as I do about open shelving - less is more. Even though this shot showcases a good amount of glass front cabinetry I believe it is balanced by equally as many solid door cabinets, so as to give the option for both showcasing and storing various items.

White marble countertops are so elegant, so timeless and so very popular right now. Open any magazine on the rack today and you are going to be bombarded by pictures of kitchens and baths with white marble countertops. It's beautiful. It's popular. It's a beast to maintain. One spill can be the demise of these beautiful, expensive pieces of stone. In previous posts we have discussed alternative options to marble, but let me be clear I'm not against using marble, in fact I have used it in one of my own bathrooms. I'm simply saying knowledge is power. If your kitchen is truly the heart of your home and everything from cooking and drinking to coloring and bill paying are happening upon your countertops, white marble may be a risky choice for you. Understand that marble is a natural stone from the earth and very porous. While you can seal your tops to prevent staining, eventually the newness of your tops wear off and life happens.

Show houses, magazines and showroom displays all focus on the pretty, out of the box, inspiring looks. While these are all good places to gather ideas and inspirations, you really need to think about these looks working in your real life, you know, the life where you cook, you spill, you're sometimes in a hurry and don't feel like organizing your cupboards life.

All photos are from google search.