Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cabinetry & Trim - Croix's Bath Part 4

Well folks, we have a LOT of catching up to do.

Let's start with the fact that we have cabinetry, trim and a mirror! 

You know, like REAL LIFE WORKING BATHROOM Essentials! woo!!

Shortly after my last post, we got the vanity set and boy did that make such a difference! Our cabinetry is, of course, from Bell Cabinetry & Design (the company I work for) and was designed by me for our Luxury Living Show Bath last year. It's 61" long with the sink base centered and 3-drawer bank cabinets, left and right. 

Wellllll, I guess I should say what looks like a 3-drawer cabinet on the right side. It's actually a pullout with adjustable shelves, just tricked out to look like drawers. Lucky Croix, I wonder what kinds of treasures he will store in there. :)

The cabinet color is Bruton White, CW-710 by Benjamin Moore in a satin finish, the interiors are stained walnut and the hardware is polished nickel from Top Knobs. 

Next up, we got busy getting the mirror installed. When I had originally designed the bath display for this cabinetry to sit in (the one that sat at Phipps Plaza), I had also designed a walnut mirror frame in the same finish as the inside of the cabinetry. Somewhere along the way the mirror was lost, but I still wanted that look, so we decided to try our hand at making our own. We headed to Home Depot and picked up some pine, a wood that is much cheaper than walnut, but we knew could be stained to look very similar. We also bought a plate glass mirror (also from Home Depot) in the size we were looking for - 36" x 48". 

Once home, Brent attached the mirror to the wall. He used clips that came with the mirror + Liquid Nails. Next, he used his miter saw to cut the wood to create a mirror frame. He used wood glue to hold the pieces together. After the glue dried, I sanded the frame down and it was ready for staining.

I applied one coat of stain - Varathane's Dark Walnut, but some of the areas where the wood glue had been didn't take the stain very well, so we sanded those areas again, added a little more stain and the frame was good to go!

Brent removed the little clips that were stabilizing the mirror and then used his nail gun to attach the mirror frame round the mirror.


Once the mirror was set, we were ready to focus on the trim. I knew early on I wanted the trim to be something unique and cool, but was unsure of the exact direction at first. As the bath began to take shape a concept occurred to me... WOODEN BALLS! To be honest, I've been mildly obsessed with them for about a year now and have incorporated them into several of my designs, but I'd never seen wooden balls used in a trim application, and I thought it could be a fun way to add some depth, texture and fun to the space. 

We started by picking up 2" wide strips from Home Depot and I ordered 1" half round balls from here. Next, Brent cut the wooden strips and I used Liquid Nails to glue the balls to the strip. We planned for a staggered look, so before gluing, we pre-marked the boards so we could easily get the balls securely in place. While we waited for the glue to dry we got the baseboards installed. We went with a 6" high square baseboard. We pre-measured/marked the walls so the 2" strips would be mounted 9" apart on center.

Once the glue was dry Brent used his nail gun and a level to get the strips up on the wall.

My excitement grew with each strip that was installed. I could tell almost instantly I was going to love the outcome. 
We got as many installed as we could, but because we didn't have countertops in we couldn't finish the section behind the vanity, so as you can see from the photo above I started painting because I just couldn't wait and OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!

What do you think?! Pretty happy, right?

Annnnnd, this is where I'm going to leave you hanging. Countertops came next and they deserve a post all their own. Until next time....

All photos are my own. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tile - Croix's Bath - Part 3

Tiling equals instant gratification at it's finest! 

You saw a sneak peak of the floor in my last update, but the finished product with the grout installed is just.........SO HAPPY. 

We selected a gray grout with the same coloring as the gray detail on the tile and I'm SO glad we did. Grout can really change the overall vibe of a tile moment and for this application I really wanted the grout to just disappear.  

Once you grout, you can't walk on the floors for a few days, so we ended up grouting the floor on a Wednesday so we could get back to working in the space over the weekend. Well, as luck would have it we ended up running out of grout before we got the entire floor covered. So, we decided to just cover the floor with a drop cloth and finish up that grout treatment once we were ready to do the shower so we could keep the progress train rolling. 

Next we moved our attention to the tub/shower which ended up taking us 2 weekends to complete. 

Not 2 full weekends, but with other activities going on we tried to fit in as much work as we could on the home front without getting ourselves burnt out.

It's funny, the tile + grout was finally completed on a Sunday, which was the day we both had pre-decided to just lay low and relax. Well, apparently we aren't great at that idea and ended up getting more done on that day then we have in weeks! ha! But the end results make all the difference in the overall feel of the space.

It's like it went from job site to an actual bath with the addition of this tile. I can tell you we were both happy to get that tile saw washed and put away. We went with a white grout for this tile, again in hopes that it would just blend in, which I think it did nicely. 

After we finished up the flooring  and before we started on the shower tile we got the wiring all set up for the new lights over the vanity. Originally there was a single fixture over the mirror but the new plan is to use 2 sconces on either side of the mirror, so Brent moved the electrical around and now we are all set to hang the lights. But before we do that we wanted to get one coat of paint on the walls so we knocked that out on the same Sunday (told you we were on a roll!). I used the left over paint from having our whole downstairs painted last fall (Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17)) but I'm not 100% certain the walls will be just white, there may be an accent color thrown in. Still marinating on that one. Do note the crown moulding color in the picture above looks super yellow. I didn't paint that  area yet and it looks so creamy compared to the white tile + grout situation sitting directly below. Getting that fixed ASAP, it hurts my eyes!

Alright, I think you guys are all caught up on our process. Can't wait to jump into the cabinetry, lighting, mirror and trim work. We are getting close to the finish line and I can't wait!!

All photos are my own. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Happy 5 Year Wedding Anniversary to Us!

This Friday is mine and Brent's 5 year wedding anniversary! 

As a little ode to our milestone anniversary I thought I would share some of our wedding photos. Fun fact: I never got around to sharing our wedding photos on social media back in the day, so some of these are never before seen, even by our wedding party :)

We got married on May 4th, 2013 in Brent's grandparent's back yard on the bay in Florida. 

One of my biggest requests/visions was a baby grand piano, sitting the grass, with the view of the water beyond. 

I got my wish and to make it even more special my Aunt Janis who is an amazing pianist played one of my favorite songs - As The Deer. 

Brent designed our wedding "logo" that was on all print pieces. My Grandmother's broach was attached to my bouquet. She died a few months before the wedding so it was really special to have a piece of her with me. 

I love this picture of my Dad seeing me in my dress for the first time :)

Our wedding party! So many great friends all in one picture. 

The boys:

The girls:

The Bride & Groom :)

Our families played a huge part in our wedding...

They came from near and far to be with us.

These two....always by my side. And the one on the right, my sister did my hair for my big day!

The Shearer boys looking so sharp!

Our wedding + reception was outside and it rained ALL day that Saturday. Around 2:00 p.m. the rain stopped and by show time the skies were clear and the sun was shining. It was crazy, but we were so thankful! 

That rain earlier in the day did give us a beautiful sunset. 

We dated for 5 years before getting engaged and I had visited this back yard many times. I always thought it would be a beautiful location for a wedding, but Brent was totally taken aback when I brought it up. To him, this location was his childhood playground with his cousins. 

But that Saturday it was transformed into a magical, elegant backdrop for one of the most memorable days of our lives and now Brent gets to have childhood memories + adult memories all in one place. 

After the wedding we danced on our black & white checkered dance floor, ate oysters, cut cake and danced some more......

Five years feels like such a big number and it's hard to believe we are here already! The years have flown by for sure and I love the life we have created, especially a certain 2 year old, blond little boy who would of looked SO cute dancing on that dance floor. Happy Anniversary to us!

All photos are my own. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

My First Giveaway!

We are on a serious struggle bus over here in Bath Remodeling-ville. All we have to do is grout and we are DONE with tile and I can post a big update for you all, but we are moving like snails and I don't think it's going to happen before the weekend. SIGH. So, in the meantime I want to do a GIVEAWAY!! I've never done one before and I thought it could be something new and fun to try. What am I giving away?


I did a big clean out a few weeks ago in preparation for a yard sale we had and came upon so many pillows. I realized in that moment that I'm a hoarder, but I couldn't bring myself to take the pillows to the yard sale. They are too special to just sell to strangers who may or may not appreciate them, so instead I thought I would GIVE them away to a friend. Someone who appreciates pretty things and would give them the home they deserve. Someone like YOU!

These pillows were handmade by my mother-in-law Cindy from some of the leftover fabric I had from our Office Chair Remodel a few years ago. These chairs....

The pillows are 16" x 10" and they are so bright and happy. 

To enter to win these pillows all you have to do is:

  1. Follow me on Instagram: _courtneyshearer
  2. Leave me a comment letting me know where you would put the pillows in your house
  3. If you tag a friend it's a bonus entry. 
I will pick a winner Sunday night and ship out the pillows Monday morning! 

All photos are my own.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Our Easter Table

Easter is this Sunday!!! How is this possible? Where is time going? Well, ready or not it's here and WE ARE HOSTING! 

We will have 12 guests and plan to seat everyone in our dining room

The more events we host the more I'm convinced setting your table in advance is the way to go. Not only does it give me the opportunity to snap a few pictures, but it allows time to recognize elements you still need (for me, 2 more stemless wine glasses) without those facts slapping you in the face at the last minute. In addition, it leaves me feeling somewhat on top of things which is a high like no other ;)

We kept things simple and fresh with a lot of items we already had. I was excited to find these pretty place mats inside a lace table cloth set my Grandmother gave to me a year or two ago. I went to open the tablecloth and found the place mats in the packaging as well. We decided to go with the wood table + place mat look instead of the full tablecloth. Felt less formal and more organic. 

Nothing crazy, just a simple spring happy scene over here on my table. What does your table look like? Are you Easter ready? 

All photos are my own. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Shower Niches + Heated Floors - Croix's Bath Part 2

We've got some catching up to do! Last weekend was less about pretty progress and more about behind the scenes prepping. On Friday night we headed to Home Depot to pick up our tub.

As I mentioned in my last post we were kind of forced into upgrading the tub and after looking over the options we decided to go with this Delta tub. We were sold on the depth and the curve, both of which will give the Croix a more comfortable bathing experience and give the bathroom a more updated look. Getting the tub installed was no easy task. The tub is literally the same size as the opening it was to fit in to, so maneuvering this beast into place was a struggle.

In the image above you can see we started installing the durarock immediately after the tub was in place, but before we went any further we had to finalize our niche placement. A niche is a recess in the shower wall built to hold shampoo, soaps, etc...it's essentially a built-in alternative to sitting your bottles on the edge of the tub or adhering a basket to the wall with suction cups. A built-in niche can be whatever size or shape you choose and will be tiled to match the rest of the tub/shower surround for a cohesive look. This is a feature you can only really add when you have your shower walls down to the studs in a remodel like this or a new construction situation, so we definitely wanted to take advantage of our current state and add a niche.... or two.

That's right, we added two! Why? Well, number one, why not?  If Croix grows up to be anything like me he will likely have a plethora of bottles and soaps in the shower. And two, the long term plan is for this new bedroom of Croix's to be a shared space with a sibling so we wanted to be sure to have enough storage space for multiple people to utilize this bath.  (and no... that is not a hint towards any future announcements...)

Next, we took care of some sheetrock patching and then got busy with the next big install - heated floors. Just writing the words "heated floors" in a post about a 2 year old's bathroom makes me feel all kinds of ridiculous, but like shower niche's, this type of install is only really possible when a bathroom floor is gutted, so we thought, let's give it a whirl. We purchased the Sun Touch Floor Warming System from Home Depot.  The installation was pretty straight forward....Brent used his dremel to cut a box for the controls right next to the existing outlet. He pulled power from the outlet and then cut a another small hole at the bottom of the wall to run the wiring to connect to the coils at the floor.

Next, he and Croix rolled out the coils and we were ready to lay the tiles right on top. Here's a sneak peek of our new floors!!

This weekend we were able to knock out the floor tile and plan to grout one night this week. We have a plumber scheduled to come out tomorrow to hook up our new shower valve and then we can get started tiling the shower. We are rolling right along and can't wait to show you the finished floor and other tile elements next time we chat!

All photos are my own. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Croix's New Bathroom - Part 1

The Croix is moving on up....as in literally moving upstairs. More details on that later, but before we start working on his room, we decided to tackle his new bathroom first. The bedroom upstairs has an en suite bathroom with a tub/shower and we are giving it a complete overhaul! This is our first EVER bathroom remodel. We have done mini face-lifts at Brent's Atlantic House and our last house, but never a full gut job. We are excited slash a bit intimidated, but because this is going to be our long-term home we really want to slowly work our way through each space to make it our own.

Let's take a look at what we started with...

The view as you walk through the door from the bedroom:

Tub/Shower view:

Vanity view from the tub/shower:

It's definitely not the worst, just not at all our taste. So, on Saturday we brought out the hammers and started DEMO! It was messy and loud, but only took us about 4 hours off and on.

One item we were on the fence about was the tub. Originally, the plan was to keep the tub, but during the demo a piece of tile/durarock fell and put a few dents in the tub so we decided to just replace that element as well while we were at it. Of course it is possible to have tubs resurfaced, but this tub was on the small side to begin with, so after discussing we decided upgrading to a deeper tub with a bit of curve on the front would serve Croix better, especially at this age when he takes only baths.

Welllll this turned out to be a way bigger pain than we had imagined. To start, the tub was hard to get out. Brent ended up having to literally cut it into 3 pieces to remove it from the bathroom.

With the tub out, Brent added a few pieces of durarock and now we are ready to set the new tub in place and begin tiling the floor.  All of the supplies are purchased and ready to go. Now, we just need another weekend to knock it out. Stay tuned....I have a feeling things are about to get pretty. 

All photos are my own.