Monday, December 19, 2011

Hardware - cabinet jewelry

If a face lift for your kitchen or bath is among the items on your wish list this holiday season, consider new hardware....
Photo from Top Knob's website.
Can we say BLINGGGG?!
Hardware is a quick and effective way to liven up your kitchen or bath. Whether you are replacing existing hardware or adding hardware to cabinets that had none, pulls and knobs can really set the stage for the style of your space.

For example, take the two kitchens shown below. Both feature white cabinetry but notice how the hardware choices made each space undeniably different.
Photo from google search.
The long sleek handles add an industrial contemporary feel to the space.

Photo from google search.
While this kitchen is still sleek the cup pulls and simple knobs add a shaker vibe to the space.

When it comes to hardware there are tons of choices in all different shapes, sizes and colors plus you don't have to spend a fortune on it! Visit your local kitchen and bath showroom to see the latest trends in hardware or visit stores such as Restoration Hardware, Target and Home Depot for more affordable options.

Things to consider:
  • If you are updating cabinets that already had hardware it is important to be aware of your existing hole placement. A knob is typically an easy fit but pulls can get tricky. Pulls come in a lot of different sizes; the size you are most concerned with is the CC or center to center dimension. You CAN fill existing holes with putty and drill new holes but this is not advisable; it's time consuming and more times that not the hole can be disguised but is not completely gone. 
  • Like jewelry to any outfit it's important the hardware compliments the other elements in the room and does not fight them.  Consider the style and finish of the surrounding fixtures particularly the faucets, lighting and sink. 
Styles I'm digging right now:

Photo from Top Knobs website.
Latch pulls are cool because they add interest to a cabinet while complimenting a lot of different styles.
Photo from Richelieu's website.
These are just so fun, funky and fabulous!


Photo from Hardware Resources website.
This pull has great lines and is pretty transitional in style.

Tis the season for giving so why not give your space some bling!

6 Appreciated Comments :

Nicole said...

I bought some hardware the other day, we are going with the oil rubbed bronze like you suggested! I think it is going to look great!
Thanks for the tips!

Courtney Foster said...

You're welcome! Send pictures once everything is installed - I would love to see!

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