Friday, January 20, 2012

Mud Never Looked So Good..

Today people are really looking to utilize their space to it's highest potential; transforming every nook and cranny in their home to be as functional as possible. With that being said it's no surprise that mudrooms are SO high in demand and quickly becoming a staple that everyone is installing, coveting or enjoying.

Essentially the mudroom is the catch all of all catch alls. It serves as the bridge from the outside to the inside. The idea of the mudroom has been around for many years. Back in the day homes were designed with a  room or porch right off the back of the house where the farmers could drop off their dirty clothes and boots and clean up a bit before entering the main house. While the mudroom has evolved aesthetically throughout the years the bottom line function of the space remains the same: a place of transition from the exterior and all that comes with it, dirt, dust, mud, the clean interior of the home.
We are alll guilty of tracking in a little dirt from time to time.....
 Mudrooms are great for families with children because everyone knows with kids come backpacks, sports bags, music cases, shoes, jackets and the list goes on and on...As you can see in the photos above mudrooms today are being designed with organizational elements such as hooks or lockers for each family member which provides a place to hang their belongings. Most have benches incorporated as well with drawers underneath or even sometimes open space with or without baskets to store shoes.

Today's mudrooms are typically located right off the garage - the first place the family comes to upon entering the house. In general this is not a room guests would enter but even if they do today's mudrooms are anything but ugly. Despite the name including the word mud it's amazing how  chic' and pottery barn esq these spaces have become. Through the use of bead board, wicker and metal baskets, chunky hooks and hardware and sometimes even cork these rooms have the potential to become cozy and fun.

Don't have a mudroom in your house? Make one! A lot of companies sell the individual components that make up a mud room...
Photo from Restoration Hardware's website.
You don't have to have a whole room dedicated to the mudroom. Pieces like this  could be put in an existing laundry room or back entry hall and provide the storage, organization & catch all effect you are looking for.

Photo from Pottery Barn's website.
Again, a room is not necessary. A piece like this adds charm and function and doesn't take up a lot of space.
If used correctly a lot of people feel the addition or utilization of a mudroom area can cut down on chaos and add a level of organization and order to a home. Let's face it, life is easier if everything has its place!

Unless otherwise notes all photos are from google search.

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