Friday, February 3, 2012

Defining Elements & Focal Pieces - Facelift Series Part Two

A well designed space has two key players - a defining element and a focal piece. Each of these elements are important, but their roles are very different; however in this bath remodel they had one thing in common - both were stained glass. Before meeting Cindy Shearer of Cindy's Glasswork Designs, I really didn't know a lot about stained glass. To be honest, hearing the phrase "stained glass" evoked visions of churches and Gothic castles. But I quickly learned that stained glass is truly an art form. Not only does a vision have to be clearly defined before beginning a project, but all of the different cuts, textures and colors must be carefully considered by the artist to really bring the piece to life.

 Piece one - the defining element...

 Every space tells a story and most begin with one defining element. This element is not necessarily the star of the show, but  it  steers the look of the space and heavily influences the selections of the other pieces that surround it.  For this project the light fixture is undoubtedly this piece; it not only initiated the project but  truly set the stage for the feel of the space.

This stain glass light was created by Cindy Shearer of  Cindy's Glasswork Designs.
This light is so fun! From its boxy shape to the funky swirl of the glass, it instantly added a fun pop to the space. The cool toned colors used in this light became the color palette for the bathroom and as soon as it was installed, it became apparent that every other element in the room would need to compliment this unique fixture.

Piece two - the focal piece...

Focal pieces ARE the star of the show. These pieces can vary from room to room. For example, focal pieces can come in the form of a large piece of art in a foyer, a beautiful, bold fabric on a couch, a grand piano in a formal living room or a mantle hood in the kitchen. Focal pieces MAKE a room. They make it unforgettable, they make it inspiring, they make it one of a kind.

This stain glass light was created by Cindy Shearer of Cindy's Glasswork Designs. this not THE most breathtaking thing? This window was also created by Cindy Shearer of Cindy's Glasswork Designs, and wow, does she have talent! The glass used in this piece is subtle but powerful. With its mixtures of different variations of clear, white and light colored glass it is dramatic without trying too hard. And the movement! Oooooh the movement!!!! It is so bold, unique and captivating!

Cindy got her Feng Shui on by adding five candle holders that extend from the window.
In bathrooms with little surface area this was a creative way to incorporate candles, while adding an additional layer of depth to the window.

Not only does the window serve as the aesthetic anchor to the space, but it also adds that one little thing we all prefer when in the bathroom... privacy! The obscured glass allows light in, while blocking views into the bathroom from the outside. Windows like this are a creative alternative to boring mini-blinds or drab curtains so often seen in bathrooms.  The window is everything a focal piece should be. It is the first thing you see when you enter the room and the piece of the room you will remember the most when you leave.

Check out Cindy's other work on her page to see how she creatively incorporated stain glass into door panels, jewelry boxes and windows.

Stay tuned as the rest of this project unfolds in upcoming posts....!

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