Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Tanned Cow Spot

I'm back from an amazing week in Jamaica! Feeling tanned, relaxed and happy. There's something about white sandy beaches, clear skies and blue water that is good for the soul. Now, the swim up bar, water lounges and 24/7 at your service attitude doesn't hurt either ;)

During my vacation I planned to totally relax and leave all thoughts of work at home, but somehow thoughts of design followed me. As I enjoyed the views around me I began to see correlations between the beauty that is the beaches of Jamaica and design trends. It occurred to me that God was the original and most skilled designer. Teaching us by example, all the rules and fundamentals that make great spaces. His work can be seen everywhere, but it's hard to miss these examples when you're spending day after day in paradise.

Aren't the colors above beautiful? All the blues, greens, tans and whites, they are cool and warm all at the same time. Interestingly, variations of the colors you see above are quite popular in design right now. As people consider design schemes for their rooms most are looking for colors and textures that inspire relaxation and tranquility.

I was also quite taken with the driftwood on the beach. If I could of packed one of those suckers in my suitcase I would have. How sweet would a piece like the one above look on a dining room table, or on the floor in front of the fireplace. Oh the things I could do with a chunky piece of Jamaican driftwood....

Playing with various textures is very important in design and we could all take a few notes from the natural mixture of textures seen at the beach. Regardless of what beach you are on, there are different textures everywhere you look. The best part is that the textures change hour by hour.  The sky, the clouds, the ocean waters and waves, dry sand, wet sand, glistening sun, driftwood, rocks, plants and shells all come together to create the beautiful views we all enjoy.

Photo by Jordan Foster.
Well, as my tanned fingers type this blog post I'm mentally preparing for my return to the real world tomorrow. And I'm happy to report that I'm excited, as much as I enjoy a break every now and then it's always nice to be back in action!

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