Monday, September 2, 2013

TV in a Box.

THANK YOU for all of the positive feedback on our outdoor kitchen. We are so proud of how it turned out and it was so cool to hear that so many of you liked it too!

I'm back this week with another deck project to add to our repertoire. As if the installation of an outdoor kitchen wasn't enough, the posting of this project will likely have every guy on this side of the Mississippi flocking to our deck. I can sum this project up in one word: Television. I mean, no deck with an outdoor kitchen is complete without a T.V. right?? Apparently the answer to this is yes.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the outdoor kitchen series, we have a large deck that just screamed for an outdoor kitchen, and as that project was winding up we suddenly had a large wall on this same deck just begging for a TV. I've clearly lost all control.

Below is the open wall we had in mind for the TV. It is flanked by a guest room window and the doors into the solarium.

We found a TV, picked up our supplies and then we began the measure-cut-assemble dance to create a box for the TV.

A little roof was added to the box for protection from the elements. The wall is already partially covered by an eve, but we figured an extra roof couldn't hurt, plus it would be cute, so.....done. 

Once the box was constructed it was time for the doors. 

4 evenly sized doors were cut and installed with hinges so they would operate as bi-fold doors. This way they could fold back when the TV was on without obstructing the view. 

Now it was time to install this beast. 

Once the box was installed it was time to pretty it up. For paint we decided on white so the box would blend into the color of the house. We went with an exterior paint with a semi-gloss finish. 

We added some black shingles to the roof of the cabinet.  Using the same style shingle and lining up the pitch of the roof with the existing roof helped the unit blend in and look like a part of the house, rather than something we just threw up there.  So, basically it's a tiny, adorable replica of our actual house. 

About the time the roof was going on my parents showed up and my Dad was put to work. He gave some guidance on the roof and then installed some beefy ring hardware on the doors. 

Once we had the cabinet box looking good it was time for the TV. A mount was installed to the back wall.....

and the TV was carried out and installed. We all breathed a sigh of relief that it fit perfectly.

Brent installed some outdoor speakers and got the cable hooked up and we were good to go. 

Here's a shot of the unit closed:

and here's a shot of it open:

We hosted our first shin-dig at the new house on Saturday for the UGA vs. Clemson game and got to try out the outdoor kitchen and watch the game on the new TV. Brent cooked up some ribs, wings and sliced pork.  It was a great time up until the Dawgs lost and our hearts were broken. But, that's OK we plan to get a lot more use out of our new deck area for many football seasons to come!

All photos are my own. 

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~ Noelle said...

love this!!!! remember, we just bought a house.. so as soon as y'all are done with yours, feel free to bring that creativity on over here :)

Sally J said...

Love your creativity and then your skill to make it happen!

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Noelle, We will be sure to keep that in mind if we get bored! :)

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Thanks Sally!

Unknown said...

Love the look of this! One question: Living in a humid climate like the South, are you concerned about the humidity affecting the tv/ electronics? Thanks!

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Hi! It was a concern, so we purchased an inexpensive TV for that reason. I will say we never had any issues. Thanks for reading!

Unknown said...

This looks great! My husband and I have been starting this exact same project on our roof deck. Our only concern is drilling into the siding. Neither of us have any experience with this - is there anything we should know or do you have any tips? Thanks!

Ahmed Seo said...

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Khanh said...

Can you please give us the dimension and material list?

Sheila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheila said...

Would you be so kind to share the dimensions and what kind of wood you used to make this TV cabinet!!

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