Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Copper is Coming.

Doesn't the title of this post sound like something from a horror film? Hide your children, lock your doors....COPPER IS COMING!!!! Well, fear not - this post is not scary at all, in fact it's joyful. I'm happy to report I have a strong gut feeling, nay prediction, that a new popular finish is on the horizon.

Yep, Copper....Mmmmm.

I've noticed this warm finish popping up here and there - on the web, in stores and in my dreams. Copper is no stranger to interiors, it's had several heydays in it's time, but in the past copper brought with it a more country vibe. This time around copper can be found adding pizazz to an assortment of decorating styles in a slew of different ways

Photo from Pinterest.

There is so much to drool over in the above photo - the textured wood wall, the cluster of industrial lights and the unique spindles on the stairs. The copper finish really works in this space, adding warmth and interest.

Like it's friend brass, copper really pops against most colors and has the ability to add a layer of elegance to a piece. I love how the copper hardware above, takes this gray cabinet from pretty to striking.

World renown kitchen designer, Christopher Peacock has been utilizing copper in his designs for years.

 There is a really pretty, understated "cool factor" with the mixture of shiny copper and industrial pieces of hardware. As you can see the copper doesn't take the kitchen down a country road, in fact it adds to the clean and sleek vibe.

What succulent wouldn't love a pretty copper home? As we discussed a few weeks ago, I'm all about mixing things up finish wise in a space. A copper planter is the perfect way to integrate this new trend  into your home in small doses.

I'm currently wrapping up the final design details for a new in town studio my company, Bell Kitchen and Bath Studios is opening. Take a look at the color scheme for the designer office:

Cabinetry - Sherwin William's Cascades SW7623


Copper Cabinet Pulls

Yep, I've decided to dip my toe in and give this new trend a whirl. Pretty sharp combo, eh?

 I. CAN'T.WAIT......finished photos coming soon. In the meantime, let me know, are you on board with the new trend on the block?

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stephanie, sandpaper & glue said...

can't wait to see how it looks! I'm loving the copper comeback :)

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Me too Stephanie!

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