Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm not sure if it's my profession or my personality, but I have a hundred little thoughts flying through my head at any given time. These thoughts pertain to projects I'm working on, things I want to buy, ideas I want to remember, items I love, etc... As a result I have 10+ windows open on my computer pretty much at all times. This happens innocently enough, I'll be perusing the web looking for one thing when I come upon something else that interests me, of course this something else is totally unrelated but I want to remember it so I just keep the window open so I don't forget about it. It seems logical to me but it drives Brent crazy, especially when I let my little habit sneak over to his computer.

I understand that it's a wacky approach, but sometimes I don't have time to process or dig into information I find but want to be able to get back to it later. Trouble is, most of the time the windows get closed before it's all said and done and I still don't have the information. This was the story of my life until I discovered my new favorite online resource - Keep. I know we all need another social media outlet like a hole in the head but this site has been SO useful to me.

Keep is a lot like Pinterest, in that you can "keep" images you find online and save them in a category within your account  - "interiors",  "recipes","fashion", etc...However, it's different (and better in my opinion) because you can add the "keep it button" to your dashboard/task board and keep literally ANYTHING you come upon online.  Once you keep it you can click on it at any time and it will take you directly to the source. I can't tell you how many times I've found something that interested me as I've searched Pinterest for something specific like lighting inspiration, only to click the picture and get directed to a bloggers page with no information listed as to price, availability, sizes, etc...While seeing an image can get the creative juices flowing and evoke inspiration, sometimes you actually want to buy something you see.  But if you can't find the information on the item, the whole concept can become very frustrating and kind of useless. Because Keep focuses on the specific contents of a room (a chair, a light, a pillow) or details of an outfit (shoes, skirt, necklace), this never happens.

Like Pinterest, Keep has a homepage and a search bar so you can peruse what's trending or search for something specific. I do both, but I use it most often as a database to store my finds. Since discovering Keep, I use it daily. We are in the thick of trying to make a lot of decisions around the house - lighting for the office and hall, hardware for the house doors, cabinet hardware for the office cabinets and of course I'm trying to get my Fall/Winter wardrobe together while keeping up with my Birthday/Christmas wishlist (Brent's too) and search for random inspirations/items for my work projects at the same time. I'm able to do this successfully, and often all in the same night, thanks to Keep.

I know this is kind of a random post, but I thought if it was improving my life, some of you might find it useful too. So is the're welcome in advance!

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