Sunday, March 13, 2016 - February Recap

Hi peeps! Every time I do one of these recap posts I am reminded just how fast time goes by! It is hard to believe we are already 13 days into March...wasn't it just Christmas? Didn't I just have a baby? It will be summer before we know it! Anyways, last month I got back into my writing groove and posted 6 new articles and updated 5 posts over on my Kitchens page and there are some pretty good topics if I do say so myself #sohumble

First up...

The topic of cookbook storage almost always comes up in design meetings with my clients. Regardless of how good you cook, often you cook or what you cook...if you have cookbooks you want them readily available in or around the kitchen, otherwise it is highly unlikely they will be reached for. 

I love a window or windows in the kitchen. Not only is natural light the best light, but there is a lot you can do design wise to really play up the windows in your space instead of simply working around them.  

Now THIS, this is a question or a conversation I feel like I have regularly with clients. Should the kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling or not? Of course the answer depends on several factors, but at the end of the day the biggest influencer is going to be your ceiling height. In this article I discuss the options or best practices if your ceilings are 8 foot, 9 foot, 10 foot and beyond. 

There is something refreshing and relevant about modern design right now, but so many of us prefer to admire this look from the sidelines instead of incorporating it into our own homes. In this article I discuss a few ways you can integrate modern accents into your space in way that will enhance your vibe, not confuse it. 

Your eyeballs love repetition. Did you know that? It's true, the eye is naturally drawn to repetition in all things and the kitchen is no exception. This article is full of ideas for playing with repetition in your space. 

Blush is everywhere right now! Here I talk about a few ways to add this hot color to your kitchen. 

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