Monday, August 29, 2016

Patio Project - LIGHTS!

I'm back with a little Patio Project Update....LIGHTS! 

Once the outdoor kitchen portion of the project was finished up we turned our attention to the lighting and electrical before starting the pizza oven. Lucky for us the fence goes around the entire Outdoor Kitchen area so we decided to utilize it as a wall and hang sconce lights + electrical outlets and switches from it. As we were deciding which lights, how many, where they should go, etc...we also discussed where the conduit should run. We knew there would be a fair amount of conduit going from the electrical box we had put in a few months ago, to each light, switch and outlet. We tossed around the idea of installing the conduit on the front of the fence and using metal tubing to give the whole space a more industrial vibe but ultimately decided to go with a cleaner look and install the conduit on the back of the fence for a sleeker aesthetic.

Here are the supplies, all from Home Depot. 

We started by placing each light, switch and outlet visually, by measuring and marking things out with a pencil. Next, we traced the  junction boxes and then Brent cut them out with his jigsaw.

We did this for the outlets and switches as well as for the sconce lights. 

Next, Brent ran the conduit along the back-side of the fence and snaked the wire through. This ended up being a beast of a task because some of the runs were so long, things started getting tangled inside the conduit. 

Next, we pulled the whips through each junction box and then got to hooking all of the wires up. 

We went round and round about which outdoor sconce light to go with but finally decided on these from Wayfair. Not only is the price really good, but we liked the simple lines and scale of these lights. 

And here they are in all of their glory:

There are 3 more lights on the other side, plus 2 more, one on each side of the doors leading back into the house. I would show you, butttt by the time we got all of the lights installed we had already started the pizza oven, so to show you the lights would mean you would also get a sneak peek of the pizza oven and I just can't let the pizza oven steal the new light's thunder like that. I know you understand. :) 

All photos are my own. 

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