Thursday, December 29, 2016

c r o 1 x

Well, folks it's official....Brent and I have a ONE year old! On Tuesday, December 27th Croix turned one and we had a big party to celebrate the occasion. There was cake, there were presents and there was a mini-Brent running crawling around in Superman underwear and a red cape.


Croix wasted no time digging (literally) into his cake. :)

It's truly hard to believe a whole year has come and gone. As we were celebrating Christmas a few days ago I kept thinking back to this time last year and reminiscing about how much can change in 365 days. People are always saying "they grow up so quickly" and "enjoy them while their young, because it's over before you know it" and until this year, heck maybe until the last few months, those sentiments felt so cliche, but you know what?? They, you, everyone who has ever said that, is 100% right. This year has flown by and while the whole parenthood thing has been an adjustment for sure, it has mostly just been a lot of fun. Every milestone, every hurdle and every first has been so cool to witness. 

Croix is busy and smart and fun and curious and cute and funny and sweet and cool and mischievous and fearless. Croix is all things good in the world piled up inside a 31" high, 22 lb 13 oz little boy and we are so grateful to get to hang out with him while he does this whole growing up thing.

All photos are my own. 

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