Thursday, September 7, 2017

10 Years Together

Brent and I started dating ten years ago today. TEN YEARS y'all. 

Nashville, TN - Vanderbilt vs UGA game 2007
We met at The University of Georgia the fall of our Junior year (2006) and went on one date but didn't start dating exclusively/officially until the end of summer 2007. That year will forever be known in the "story of us" as the year of the chase. 

Chattanooga, TN - 2007
I wasn't in the best place when we met and was definitely not looking for a serious relationship. Brent was persistent and patient and though I fought off dating that year, I did love being around him and our friendship grew and grew. Finally, something clicked and all at once I saw that everything I was looking for in a boyfriend was right in front of me. Things got more serious between us that summer as our conversations got longer and we got closer and closer. As our Senior year started we went to a Kenny Chesney concert with a group of friends and had our first kiss. From that day on....we were a couple.  

Ten years has absolutely flown by. Together we have had a lot of good times, experienced some low points and done a whole lot of growing up. We've been married over 4 years,  had 1 child (hi Croix), 1 dog, 2 houses, 4 jobs and 3 degrees. We have been to 13 countries, 3 continents and we've done 1 zillion DIY projects. We have been busy and we have had fun. 

Rome, Italy - Honeymoon 2013

Florence, Italy - Honeymoon 2013
We are true partners and the longer I live the more I realize just how lucky we are. Life can be hard and I really don't know what I would do without our relationship. If he's not pulling my car out of the mud (last week) he's cooking me dinner or driving all over town helping me furnish the new showroom. Brent is my counselor, my chef, my advisor, my comfort zone, my comedic relief, the best dad to our Croix and my best friend. Doing life with him is truly one of the biggest pleasures of my life.

South Port, Florida - Wedding Day May 4, 2013
Photo Credit: Tisha Saunders
Oooooh and fun fact:
September 7th 2012 is the anniversary of our engagement. Brent proposed on our 5 year dating anniversary in Highlands, North Carolina. 

Highlands, NC 2012
Photo Credit: Lori Foster
Happy 10 years to us! 
All photos are my own. 

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