Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tile - Croix's Bath - Part 3

Tiling equals instant gratification at it's finest! 

You saw a sneak peak of the floor in my last update, but the finished product with the grout installed is just.........SO HAPPY. 

We selected a gray grout with the same coloring as the gray detail on the tile and I'm SO glad we did. Grout can really change the overall vibe of a tile moment and for this application I really wanted the grout to just disappear.  

Once you grout, you can't walk on the floors for a few days, so we ended up grouting the floor on a Wednesday so we could get back to working in the space over the weekend. Well, as luck would have it we ended up running out of grout before we got the entire floor covered. So, we decided to just cover the floor with a drop cloth and finish up that grout treatment once we were ready to do the shower so we could keep the progress train rolling. 

Next we moved our attention to the tub/shower which ended up taking us 2 weekends to complete. 

Not 2 full weekends, but with other activities going on we tried to fit in as much work as we could on the home front without getting ourselves burnt out.

It's funny, the tile + grout was finally completed on a Sunday, which was the day we both had pre-decided to just lay low and relax. Well, apparently we aren't great at that idea and ended up getting more done on that day then we have in weeks! ha! But the end results make all the difference in the overall feel of the space.

It's like it went from job site to an actual bath with the addition of this tile. I can tell you we were both happy to get that tile saw washed and put away. We went with a white grout for this tile, again in hopes that it would just blend in, which I think it did nicely. 

After we finished up the flooring  and before we started on the shower tile we got the wiring all set up for the new lights over the vanity. Originally there was a single fixture over the mirror but the new plan is to use 2 sconces on either side of the mirror, so Brent moved the electrical around and now we are all set to hang the lights. But before we do that we wanted to get one coat of paint on the walls so we knocked that out on the same Sunday (told you we were on a roll!). I used the left over paint from having our whole downstairs painted last fall (Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17)) but I'm not 100% certain the walls will be just white, there may be an accent color thrown in. Still marinating on that one. Do note the crown moulding color in the picture above looks super yellow. I didn't paint that  area yet and it looks so creamy compared to the white tile + grout situation sitting directly below. Getting that fixed ASAP, it hurts my eyes!

Alright, I think you guys are all caught up on our process. Can't wait to jump into the cabinetry, lighting, mirror and trim work. We are getting close to the finish line and I can't wait!!

All photos are my own. 

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