Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scrub a dub dub in the TUB

With temperatures dropping and snow in the forecast what better way to warm your bones then taking a nice bath.

People have different opinions when it comes to baths. From my experience you're either a "bath person" or you're not. You may fit into the group of people that takes a bath as often as daily, you may be the person that uses their tub as storage or you may be somewhere in between. Regardless of your bathing preference like it or not tubs are a definite staple in a bathrooms aesthetic. Many of you may not know we have a great tub resource right here in Georgia, allow me to introduce:
MTI is located right near Atlanta in Sugar Hill, Georgia. MTI offers an incredible selection of over 140 tubs, all handcrafted in the USA, in four product lines giving them the ability to offer tubs in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and price points.
Photo from MTI's website
This is the Parisian Tub which is free standing and made out of acrylic.
Photo from MTI's website
This is the Caribe tub which is a drop in or under mount tub made of acrylic.
It's hard to see from this picture but this tub has a channel completely surrounding the tub for the water to overflow into, creating a very cool look and luxurious bathing experience.
Photo from MTI's website
For all of you romantics out there this is the Eros tub which is an acrylic tub in the shape of heart (awwww :) )Maybe it's not your style but it's proof that they really do offer tubs in just about any shape you could ever want!
Photo from MTI's website
This is the Savoy solid surface free standing tub. All of the other elements in the room can step back because this tub makes a huge statement on its own!

 MTI tubs are built to order so any custom requests regarding packages, color and placement can be made before you order, offering you a more customized product. Plus they offer a lifetime warranty on their designer and classic series tubs.

Anyone with a jetted tub knows that if you don't use the tub for an extended amount of time when you do all kinds of "gunk" comes out of the jets. This is due to the build-up of soap residue and deposits of varying types left behind in the whirlpool plumbing lines.  Well, MTI came up with a solution to this problem and introduced the worlds first self-cleaning whirlpool and to this day the Fill-Flush® whirlpool cleaning system is still the best, most thorough and most efficient whirlpool cleaning system on the market. And finally, the biggest selling point to me (and maybe this is because I'm so visual) they will allow you to visit their plant and watch tubs being made, from the acrylic being poured to the plumbing being installed. It's very fascinating and really gives you a first hand glimpse at how particular and professional they are.

You may be thinking a tub's a tub and you may be right but in my opinion MTI is where the bees knees go to get clean! :)

For more information visit MTI's website http://mtibaths.com/

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