Thursday, November 17, 2011

White on Trend

White cabinetry. Some would argue white cabinets have been a timeless constant in the kitchen & bath industry, transcending every trend. While I personally agree they are timeless, I’m not sure the masses would concur. In my experience, to say people are initially turned off by white cabinetry is an understatement. Their mindset: been there, done that, was bored to death.

The white trend got its bad rap because years ago builders would install kitchens and bathrooms with white…EVERYTHING. In some cases everything including the cabinets, countertops, appliances, sinks, faucets and tile would be white. Throw in white walls and trim and this look was a serious white OVERLOAD. To add insult to injury, for most their only relief from the white was the brass, brass hardware, shower enclosure, light fixtures, etc... Put quality of said items aside and let’s focus on how boring this is!

This photo is from a Google search.

Bland City!

This photo is from a Google search.

This may look familiar to some of you. I've seen this look several different times during home consultations. This picture screams WHITE OVERLOAD! Oh, and please notice the brass...

 Interestingly if you look at any magazine today most feature white cabinetry, but HOW WEIRD these spaces are anything but boring. But why? It's simple - A well done white kitchen or bath is not really white. It is the other colors and textures that are used that  ultimately set the tone and determine the feel of the space.

This kitchen was part of the Atlanta Symphony's Decorator Show House 2010.

The way the various textures and colors come together in this space is breathtaking. You can say a lot about this kitchen but you would never call it boring and white is probably the farthest color from your mind.

This photo is from Southern Livings "All Time Favorite White Kitchens" collection.

There's a lot to take in while looking at this cheerful kitchen. The electric blue island with the copper countertop looks more like a piece of furniture in the space as opposed to just an island. And the detailed backsplash behind the cooktop really brings all the blues and whites together. The very formal crystal chandelier was an interesting choice but I think it brings a bit of formality to an otherwise semi-informal space. 
This space is so elegant and warm. Notice how the black countertops and tile really pop against the white. Lastly, while the walls are light in color they are not white which adds a final layer of depth to the space.

As you can see with the mixture of different colors, textures and depths these once potentially sterile spaces can be warm, inviting and interesting.

Check out Southern Livings "All Time Favorite White Kitchens" collections for more photos -

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