Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pop Pop Pop

 It's Spring and Color is everywhere. Everything is in bloom and not just outside. Interiors and fashion are brightening up too! Flip through a magazine or walk through your local shopping mall and you will see color is a big spring fashion trend, specifically through denim.

As the trend goes, most are pairing their bright pants or shorts with a more neutral top and shoe, letting the colorful bottoms make the statement. As always, fashion and interiors are very much intertwined. So, interestingly, but not surprisingly, I'm seeing the same trends with interiors. People are pairing neutrals with fun colors, patterns and textures. While the addition of bright colors is fun, it can quickly become color overload if done incorrectly.

I love pink, but this is color overload! The space makes me happy and I love the color combination, but for a kitchen? NO NO NO! This is WAY too big of a commitment, not to mention you may need sunglasses when entering. 

Because colors can be somewhat trendy, a good option is to have a more neutral backdrop and then you can change out accessories as you feel like it throughout the years. A great way to pop in color is through accessories. Introducing bold color through fabrics and wall color can work too; just make sure you choose the color because you have loved it for a long time, not just because it's the "hot color" right now.

The bright pink chairs and green curtains marry so nicely with the neutrals that surround them. While curtains and chairs are  pretty big commitment purchases, they can really set a space apart with a classic look with a bit of funk.  

As I mentioned in January, Pantone dubbed Tangerine Tango as 2012's color of the year. This color is bright and fun and literally EVERYWHERE. In some of the homes I have visited recently, I have found that the orange hue is the color of choice for many, and I can't blame them as I have been looking for the perfect tangerine tango-ish colored item myself. I have seen this color incorporated in a number of ways including rugs, pillows, picture frames, wall color, lamps and decorative plates.

I like this room. The idea of painting the back wall of the built-in bookcases is genius. It's a fun way to incorporate color, but is easily (well, maybe not if you are as good at painting as I am) changeable should your taste in color change.

The photo above is another good example of popping in color in the right way. The accessories used in this room take the room from drab and sterile to cool and crisp.

The Addition of color is a great way to brighten up a space or an outfit throughout the year. Trends come and go and it's only natural for our tastes to change and evolve. Knowing this, play with colors throughout your space, but remember too much of anything is never good. By using pops of color here and there, you can really add some flair to your space without overwhelming it.

All photos are from google search.

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