Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do Fret

When designing a kitchen or bath, it is important to make sure the space is functional.  But let's be honest,  while function is very important, we want our kitchens and baths to be pretty! The goal is to satisfy all functional needs while aesthetically creating a timeless look with just enough pizazz to give your kitchen or bath a look of its own. Because cabinetry is such a big part of both the kitchen and the bath, it's a good place to really add detail. Over the years we have played with design techniques such as staggering cabinet depths and heights and two-toned kitchens with island and perimeter cabinets being different colors, finishes and wood species. Also the addition of feet, posts, valances, bead board and corbels add that extra layer of depth and detail to a space. While all of these techniques are still very much relevant, a new favorite addition of mine is fretwork. Fretwork is the ornamental design in wood consisting of three-dimensional frets. Fretwork can be done many different ways but this custom addition gives cabinetry a more furniture style look. 

While there was no other color or texture introduced through the fretwork you see above, the detailed design really gives this sink base some personality. 

How elegant is this? This fretwork is incorporated with glass doors which gives these wall cabinets a china cabinet feel to the space. I really love the detailed design and how the light bounces off the glass. 

I've shown this kitchen before, but I just love it! This kitchen is actually here in Atlanta, GA and was part of the Atlanta Symphony's Decorator Show House 2010.

You will notice the fretwork on the three large doors to the left of the hood. Not only do I love the fretwork design but I love that this kitchen incorporates the fretwork with mirrored doors. Mirrored doors are a good option, because you don't have to keep the contents of those cabinets "show ready" because you cannot see through them like the glass cabinets. There is a lot of detail in this kitchen, which is one reason it is so beautiful. With that being said, I really like how they kept the fretwork to only the three cabinets shown above so as not to overwhelm the space.

This photo is from Cindy's Glasswork Designs.
The picture above shows custom stain glass french doors by Cindy Shearer of Cindy's Glasswork Designs, but they look like fretwork! This particular photograph has gotten a lot of attention on her site, and I think it's because people really respond to the detail and elegance of this look. 

Wouldn't these two furniture pieces make the coolest vanities? While both fretwork designs and colors are different, both show the fretwork with mirrored doors. They are both statement pieces that could be utilized in any room of your home. 

This post was inspired by a project I'm currently working on. I've been working on this project for sometime and we are very close to finalizing the designs. Recently, upon the home owner's request (she's a dream client, constantly tweaking and making the space fit her needs to a tee), we added Gothic style fretwork to two large cabinets on one of three cabinetry walls, and WOW... do they make that space come alive! Like all things, you don't want to overdo fretwork, but just the right amount can really make a space pop. So, don't fret over your project, but DO fret in some cabinetry!

Unless otherwise noted all photos are from google search.

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