Monday, August 20, 2012

Throw Some Glitter On It

You know, there's just something about things that sparkle. Sequins, glitter and other forms of sparkle have been prevalent in fashion for sometime. Interestingly, as of lately I've seen a trend towards the integration of more and more bling to interiors. As fun and exciting as this trend has the potential to be, it could get tacky REAL fast.

As always, less is more - let's explore.......

 The savvy use of the randomly placed glass tiles give this bathroom an additional layer of elegance. It's funny how something so small can make such an impact when hit by the light.  

How snazzy is this? We've seen the use of the glass tiles to add shimmer, but here the glass tiles were installed in a striped pattern against gray walls. The sparkly stripes and pops of pink scream feminine chic' - love it.

Photo from Cambria's website.

This is Rosslyn, one of Cambria's latest creations. I was SO excited to hear this slab as well as Berkeley were introduced this month! I saw this quartz slab in Chicago back in April at KBIS. At that time Cambria was teasing us with samples of several slabs that "could be" based on interest. Obviously I was not alone in my love for this surface because here it is and what a beauty! This photo truly doesn't do it justice as it is so warm, so sparkly and has so much potential to add a fun punch to any space.

Photo from google search.

These are toss pillow covers from West Elm. What a fun way to easily add some sparkle to your space without over committing. 

How feminine and fabulous is this sequined shower curtain over that claw foot tub?  I'm not sure I would cover up a claw foot tub with a shower curtain but if for some reason it was necessary I think this curtain is a fun choice.

OK, maybe this doesn't completely go with my above less is more comment but what a fun statement wall! Obviously you would have to have the right type of business to make this work. Love the mixture of the gold sequined wall with the black and white rug and pink walls - very Beyonce' meets Mackenzie Childs.

Elements with a little sparkle have the unique ability to demand attention. If done tastefully a little sparkle here and there can add an unexpected layer of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Unless otherwise noted all photos are from Pinterest. Check out my boards here.

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