Thursday, October 25, 2012

365 Days & 51 Posts Later

......... and The Cow Spot is a year old!!!!

Today marks 365 days since the beginning of The Cow Spot Blog. Man O'man, they sure grow up fast!

Here is the ol' cow sporting a very stylish leopard birthday hat!

We've covered a lot of ground over the past year, so I thought it would be fun to do a little re-cap. Blogger offers this cool tab called "statistics" which shows the breakdown of the blog, regarding posts, comments, traffic sources, etc...Below is what it has to say of TCS' "All Time" activity.

To date (excluding today's post) there have been 51 posts and of those 51 posts the top 5 most viewed posts are....

#1:  Hardware - cabinet jewelry

#2: Mirror Mirror On The Wall

#3: The Perfect Gray - Facelift Series Part 3

#4: The Bathroom Facelift Series - Intro

#5: B L O G G I N G

Who's Reading The Cow Spot?

The Cow Spot is read worldwide!! From right here in Atlanta, GA all the way to the Philippines - pretty crazy! 

As you can see the majority of my readers (seen in dark green) are in the United States, followed by:

#2: Canada
#3: United Kingdom
#4: Russia
#5: Australia

Pageviews by Operating Systems:

Most people checking out the weekly blog posts are using Windows operating systems, while a decent amount are coming at us from Mac. Look - even the iphone/ipad has some representation - love that people are tuning in on the go!

As I've mentioned a zillion times over the past year, I really enjoy this blog. I'm so glad I randomly decided to give the whole blogging thing a whirl because it has truly become such a great creative outlet for me. It's funny, but The Cow Spot is kind of like my child. I'm always thinking about it and I get excited when other people like it. Blogging is always on or around my brain and I'm all the time jotting down new things to blog about. Because each post takes a decent amount of time, effort, and heart, I get very, very excited when I hear (or see) that other people have enjoyed or benefited from reading what I have to say. So thank you MOOcho to all of you faithful readers out there. I very much appreciate every comment, thumb (facebook "like"), follower and discussion that stems from my posts - it makes my day!

Both cow photos are from my hotel room at The Public in Chicago and the graphs and charts are from my blogger stat page.

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