Sunday, April 14, 2013

MOOving Day

We just concluded another fast paced, jam packed weekend full of new house progress. And I'm exhausted in the best way possible.

Over the last few weeks Brent and I have capitalized on every free evening we've had by spending time at the new house, painting, working in the yard and completing miscellaneous tasks before the big dogs roll in. Of course the big dogs I'm referring to are kitchen cabinets and furniture. Well, this weekend, ready or not, we checked off one of those items and made a giant leap in taking this house from "job site" to home. We have furniture!!!!

The U-haul rolled up to the new house mid day on Saturday after loading up in Ringgold, Stone Mountain and at Brent's house in Atlanta. My parents are the bomb-dot-com and deserve a medal for all the loading, unloading, moving and putting together they endured this weekend. Of course we are all practically professionals at this moving thing by now because this is the second time we have done it this year.  As for me, this is my first move in 5 years, so I was pumped this Uhaul truck was actually carrying my stuff this time!!

I have been excited about this house for a long time, long before we even purchased it. For years I have been collecting items that caught my eye in anticipation of the day we would have this house. It was so fun to watch the pieces roll off the truck and into the house. We unloaded furniture, appliances, wedding gifts, clothes, shoes, art and rugs. 


As items were carried off the truck we tried to place them in the general vicinity of their final destination inside the house. Some pieces proved to be more difficult to maneuver than others....

While other loads just made you look good while carrying them...

#Muscles #Neiman #MacKenzie-Childs 

There are stacks and stacks of stuff in every room, but I don't care it's progress. We look forward to taking our time and putting everything away. Well, I do anyways. In fact I've already started organizing - first stop: closet. We have a few more items left to be moved in; the couch is being made and the bed for the master is on order. OH, and we get the new kitchen/downstairs bath cabinets this week!!! Eeeek - it's like Christmas everyday!

A big shout out to our family and friends - Mom, Dad, Candace, Jimmy, Scott and Mark - THANK YOU for your help!!

All photos are my own. 

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