Sunday, May 19, 2013

Small Spaces

Well, as Courtney promised at the end of her last post a guest blogger has arrived in the form of her sister, Candace. While Courtney is off enjoying Italy and her new marriage she charged me with posting about a project in my new home. Courtney and I seem to go through almost every season of our lives together (maybe because we are only 15 months apart) and buying our first homes with our husbands was no different. I believe we signed the dotted line for our homes exactly one month apart. Because of this we have ventured side-by-side in updating our spaces to be our own.

The project I am going to share with you today came about for two reasons:

1) Privacy
2) Small space that needed some pizzazz.  

When my husband and I moved into our new home I knew I wanted our bedroom and bath to be grey. This included our lovely water closet. Once we had everything painted just so, we came to realize that the small space of the WC could seem a little dark with the new outer shell. One perk was that the WC has a window that looks into our backyard. This lets in natural light, but also provides a great view to our side neighbor’s back yard – hence the need for privacy.  I set out to remedy the privacy issue while adding spark and not hindering the natural light. Easy, right? Actually yes!

I went to a local fabric shop to see what offerings they had for some curtains. I stumbled upon their “scrap table” which actually had some fabrics that were still multiple yards long. I fell in love with a lattice like fabric in gold and off white. I bought as much as they had and headed home to see what I could come up with.

Curtain Fabric

The look I knew I wanted was a built in, sturdy curtain. Sewing the fabric just did not seem like the way to go because I was hoping to not have to use piping to get the curves I wanted for the built in look. I found this jewel: Liquid Stitch. It gave me the exact look I was hoping for.

I ironed the fabric, measured, measured again, cut and then used the magic that is Liquid Stiches to pull everything together. I didn’t take the suggested precaution of letting the glue dry 24 hours, I was too excited.

The final product

I loved the way the curtain turned out and that it provided everything I was looking for. The curtains were also a perfect match to a set of bathtub drawings Miss Cow Spot herself drew and gave to me when I moved into my first place 4 years ago.

Aren't these perfect? Handmade by Courtney Foster Shearer herself.

I ended up loving the curtain fabric so much that I incorporated it into my living room as well. I framed a small swatch and added it to my collection on the mantle.

I am so glad I was able to guest blog for Courtney while she is honeymooning.  I am sure I am not alone in anxiously awaiting all of the inspiration and details she brings back for us from Italy!


- Courtney and I share a monogram now, so I really should sign this...


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