Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Fall Porch.

Back in July Brent and I showed our front porch some love with the addition of new plants and planters.

With a little watering and a lot of rain from mother nature our plants held strong all summer and we really enjoyed them. However, with the cooler weather that's made it's way to Georgia as of late, our plants started struggling.

Like summer, these plants had run their course and we were ready to welcome another look for the new season upon us: Fall! With Halloween right around the corner we wanted our front porch to be visitor ready with a look that was appropriate for October all the way through Thanksgiving. 

A few weeks ago my PapaJack gave us some apple wood from his farm. He had given us the wood for Brent to use in his Big Green Egg and pizza oven. The wood came in various sizes, all on the slender side compared to the oak wood we already had in our collection. 

In the name of saving money and using what we already had, we decided to use the apple wood as part of our Fall front porch motif. I really liked how every stick was different, some with random knots and broken off pieces, making for some interesting heights and texture. So, we emptied out our planters and laid a few pieces of stack stone we had left over from the Outdoor Kitchen in the bottom of each planter to give the sticks some height. Next, we loaded each planter full of apple wood. It occurred to me as I positioned the apple wood sticks that this may be the best planter known to man-kind in that the contents  would require NO WATERING! Cha-Ching - genius status.

Crazy enough a lot of stores have their Fall decor marked way down because they are making room for  Christmas items, so I was able to snag a pretty Fall wreath from JoAnn's Fabric for 60% off. They almost had to pay me to take it. As soon as I got home I stuck it on the door and was so happy with the Fall colors against the bright red door, such a pretty mix! 

With my planters full of wood and the wreath on the door all that was left was adding a few pumpkins...

My sister Candace and her husband Jimmy brought us the white pumpkin!
....a model dog with black and white fur that strangely / awesomely resembles a tuxedo....

...and Hello Fall Porch!

The decor is subtle but offers a nice backdrop for Halloween and will transition nicely as we move into Thanksgiving. Speaking of Halloween, word on the street is we will be getting upwards of 50 trick-or-treaters on Thursday night and we are so excited! We decorated for Halloween (minus the front porch) on October 1st. We were literally  among the first on our street. Here's a view of our house from the street: 

With our house all decorated and our candy bowl fully stocked, we're ready for as many adorable 
trick-or-treaters as we can get! 

Happy Fall Y'all! 

All photos are my own. 

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Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Thank you Noelle!


Love the sticks in the planters! Low maintenance that works for me:)

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Thanks Sherry! And yes, J you did! You life is now complete :)

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