Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tory Burch Home Collection

Fashion and Interiors collide again in the most exciting way ever. Some Most of you will need to sit down for this little announcement: Tory Burch has come out with a Home Collection!

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If you can't tell, this is very exciting news to me, as I love Tory Burch. For those of you who may not be familiar, Tory Burch is an American fashion designer. Her style is a little hippie meets a little bohemian meets a whole lot of classic fun. Last year I posted about her home, which was featured in Vogue magazine. I loved reading about her home, her vision and her interior style. Lucky for us, a year later Tory has come out with this Home Collection, allowing us to have a little piece of Tory in our own home! Many of the items in her home collection were inspired by pieces from her own home or were created from a memory from Tory's family.

Sit back, relax and come along on a tour of my Christmas List  favorites from the collection...

These needle point pillows were inspired by Tory's parent's love of folk art. Her parents learned to do needlework on a cruise and her father stuck with the craft, becoming an avid needle pointer. The pillow on the far right, shows a man writing a letter that says: "Everything begets thee to me" which Tory's father said to Tory's mother often. He even needle pointed this phrase on to a cushion for her and she had it engraved in her wedding band - so sweet!  

I especially like the fluffy tassels at every corner. For anyone taking notes, my home needs to have this pillow, I will take the lion and I will adore it every day. 

The Henry and Nick double sided picture frame, named after Tory's twin sons, would be the perfect addition to any table. I love the linear lines of this frame as well as the gold finish. So chic! 

Speaking of gold, how about an adorable golden nut? This Robinson nutcracker is random and fabulous and pays homage to Tory's family tradition of shelling and eating nuts during the holidays. My house also desperately needs this coffee table is all but begging for this little jewel.  

The baily striking is this piece? I love the graphic pattern and black and white color scheme. An accessory like this could easily stand alone or play well with others styled on a bookshelf.  

These Rae Coasters, named after Tory's Grandmother, are perfect for any bar or any coffee table for that matter. I always have coasters around and I love that these come with their own little matching box for storage. The whole set up is so modern chic. Each of the clear glass crystal coasters has a gold Tory Burch logo in the middle. Simple, elegant and functional...doesn't get much better than that!

How fun is this Madison cork screw/bottle opener? I love that it's actual purpose is cleverly disguised in this random, yet fabulous golden screw. A piece like this is a great accessory and an even better conversation piece when you bring it out to use. 

I could go on and on and show you a picture of every item, but that would make for a long blog and could make me appear obsessed unable to filter. So, if you are interested in seeing more of the collection follow this link to the Home Collection page on Tory's website

It's no surprise that someone with such a defined fashion sense would seamlessly transfer their abilities into interiors. I love that so many of the items would be instant conversation pieces, like the needlepoint pillows, golden nut and cork-screw. Not only are the pieces in this collection relevant stylistically but they have depth. They were designed from a memory or experience, making them that much more desirable. Well done Tory, any home would be lucky to be adorned with your pieces!

All photos via Tory Burch website

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