Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas Couch

Does anyone else have a room and or roomS in your house that are kind of TBD (to be determined)? For us,  these spaces are either half furnished, completely empty or the catch all for everything in the house without a permanent home. Lucky for us, one Christmas present took one of our TBD rooms from zero to hero in a snap!

You all may remember our upstairs sitting area:
The above image is from Zillow and is what the room looked like when we first toured the house. After buying the house we made a few updates including painting the walls and ceiling, adding a cow hide and jazzing up the built-ins. We will talk more about the built-ins in the coming weeks as I'm working on styling them now. 

For close to one year the room looked like this. Naturally, Luke thought the cow hide was his father (Luke, I am your father...Star Wars style...)

Photo from Instagram.

During that year we often considered the possibilities for this space. We tossed around several ideas including an office,  an upstairs den and a massive walk in closet for me and my shoe collection. While I held up two hands for the closet, those thoughts were not exactly mutual so we ultimately decided on an upstairs den.

This room sits right off the master and is the perfect space for a cozy retreat, but no retreat is complete, at least not here at the Shearer casa without a comfy landing pad, aka…the perfect couch. For us said couch came in the form of the Wyatt sectional from World Market. We'd been eyeing this piece for some time and when it went on sale the day after Christmas we were able to pounce thanks to the Christmas money my Grandmother & PapaJack gave us. 

Photo from Instagram
In a flash the couch was purchased and installed in our upstairs den. The couch was in it's new home a hot minute when we found ourselves compelled to hang some curtains. My sister gave us some beautiful curtains as one of our wedding gifts. And for nearly a year they've been sitting in one of our other TBD rooms as we contemplated where to hang them. As soon as the couch became a part of this space, it's as if the stars aligned and we knew the curtains belonged here. So, up they went…

We were on a roll, so while we had our tools out we decided to go ahead and mount our Nate Berkus turtle shell as well. Brent feels about as much love for this shell as he does for Brenta the horse head. Strange really, considering he's a pretty big Ninja Turtles fan. And they say girls are confusing? The shell is almost the same color as the detail in the curtains and just made sense, it needed to hang in this room and I knew Brent would come around when he saw him mounted in all of his glory. To add some dimension to the space we decided to mount the turtle on the curtain rod. Brent, drilled some holes in the back of the shell….

and up he went….

Pretty snazzy right?

This space still has a ways to go. We need pillows, accessories, a coffee table, a lamp, some art and maybe a new ceiling fixture. But man O' man has it come a long way in a flash. The finishing touches for this space will come in time, but it felt good  to pick up the pace, even for just a few days all because of one addition. One couch brought this space from empty and TBD to one of the more completed rooms in our house. BOOM - thank you Grandmother & PapaJack!

Photography by me - Courtney Foster Shearer. 

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