Wednesday, January 29, 2014

At Home with Kourtney Kardashian

It's a SNOW DAY here in Georgia. The last 24 hours have been insane. 12+ hours commutes home from work, abandoned cars, grid-locked interstates and children stuck at their schools. What a mess!  I think we could all use some pretty to look at on this snow day so I thought I'd share a fun celebrity home tour I came across.

The Kardashians. Love em' or hate em' God knows they have some moolah to spend on their homes. The January issue of InStyle Magazine is featuring my favorite Kardashian's home - Kourtney! I watch the Kardashians from time to time and I've always admired Kourtney's interior style. Of course we only get small glimpses of the space on the show so I was very excited to check out this article.

Kourtney shares her home with Scott Disick and their kids Mason and Penelope. The family worked with designer, Jeff Andrews to decorate, style and furnish their Calabasses, California home.

Living Room:

Photo from Jeff Andrews' website

Ummm….how bold and beautiful is this space? The black and white striped walls and black and white chevron floor add an element of funk to the room in addition to the bright colored furnishings and art. But my favorite part of this room is the lighting. OH. MY. GOSH….like little whimsical bubbles floating over the room. So pretty and fun!

The Music Room:

Photo from Jeff Andrews' website
The hot pink chaise. The black and white striped tee-pee. The mini pink piano….so cute/chic/pretty. There's a lot going on in this space: dark painted walls, striped wallpaper on the walls AND the ceiling and a patterned floor, but somehow the space leaves me feeling happy and calm. 

The Kitchen:

Add Photo from Jeff Andrews' website.

If you watch the show the kitchen is probably the room you get to see the most because, like everyone else in the world, the Kardashians spend a lot of time hanging out in the kitchen!  Considering my specific occupation, I was uber excited to see the kitchen in it's entirety and read about the details. In the article Kourtney says "I was really uninspired to decorate a kitchen until I saw this one photo of taupe cabinets with gold hardware and then I became obsessed." The cabinets are coming across more white in the photography but if you've ever noticed her kitchen on the show you know she did end up going with a beautiful taupe cabinet. I'm with Kourt, I love the taupe/brass combo and really like the funky chevron wall paper. The large mirror over the hood is also pretty cool in that it adds depth to room.

Dining Room:

Photo from Jeff Andrews' website.

I really enjoyed reading about how Kourtney incorporated hand-me-down pieces and sentimental items and art to her home. The chairs in her dining room above were her Father's and the art work hanging on the wall between the dining room and the living room were done by her son Mason.

Family Room:

Photo from Jeff Andrews' website

Kourtney says the Living Room is her second favorite room in the house (daughter Penelope's room is her favorite). The room is the hub of their home.  She says they spend a lot of time in this space watching movies and hanging out. This room has a lot of texture and wow moments - the wallpaper, the cool lighting, the curved fireplace but still comes across as a warm and cozy place you could relax. 

The Foyer:

Photo from Jeff Andrews' website
Well, looky there - Kourtney K has her very own blue version of Brenta the horse head. Love the black and white with pops of color - so fun!

The Master Bedroom:

Photo from Jeff Andrews' website
The neon sign is so random but fun. It definitely brings some unexpected funk!

Photo from Jeff Andrews' website

We are seven rooms into this house tour and there is one thing I know for sure….Kourtney Kardashian and designer Jeff Andrews are big fans of the chevron pattern - it's everywhere! Speaking of everywhere, look - another horse head! 

The Master Bath:
Photo from Jeff Andrews' website

The Office:

Another room full of hand-me-downs. The desk belonged to Kourtney's father and all of the books were from her parents house. I love the dark gray paint on the walls and trim against the pops of color in the accessories and fabric on the chairs. I could work here! 

Penelope's Room:

As I mentioned above this is Kourtney's favorite room in the house. Interestingly she designed this room all by herself with little help from her designer. I love the wallpaper on the ceiling and the big, bright turquoise beaded chandelier. What a lucky little lady Penelope is….and no, not just because her name isn't North West. :)

The Playroom:

Kourtney wanted a space that was a "fun mess" where her kids could feel free to do whatever they wanted. But we all know no room in this house is complete without a cool factor. Enter the surf boards on the ceiling. These are the Kardashian sister's Teen Choice Awards - how fun is that?  As you can see the walls were painted with chalkboard paint and magnetic paint so they can hang their art and scribble away. Another interesting fact…the rug is from Ikea - fun and affordable!

This house makes me happy. Every room is fun and full of personality. Bold choices were made, textures were played up and unexpected coolness is around every corner. It may not be your cup of tea design wise but isn't it fun to look at? 

Unless otherwise noted all photos are from google search. 

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