Thursday, February 6, 2014

KBIS 2014

Whew! What a jam packed, invigorating and exciting last few days! I just got back from Las Vegas where I attended the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show - KBIS. I always look forward to this event, but this year's show was especially exciting because for the first time KBIS joined up with IBS - The International Builders Show, for one giant collaboration of all things Home.

All things Home? Enough said, I was there and I was excited! I attended the show with Mike and Melissa, owner and co-worker at Bell Kitchen & Bath Studio. We came to the show with our eyes and minds open, ready to see what was new, what was cool and what would leave us feeling inspired.

OK, here we go….my highlights from KBIS 2014:

I  think the most slap you right in the face, obvious trend was color. It...Was...Everywhere! I'm not talking a little subtle color here and there - no, there was bright, bold color around every corner.

Let's start with the wood, there was a bright yellow island:

This Hermes orange door I posted on Instagram:

A glossy bright red vanity with matching mirror:

And some mix and match color with coral wall cabinets and dark gray bases:

Notice how all of the bold colored cabinets have a corresponding white countertop? It's as if the white countertops sort of tame the colors a bit, almost inserting a sense of calm. 

Next up, appliances, they were not about to miss the color train. Cute little blue oven anyone?

Range by Viking Appliances. 
Or maybe yellow is more your speed?

Double Oven by Viking Appliances. 
The color wasn't the only cool aspect of this little oven, take a look at the french door application for the top oven doors.  

Color, color, color, it was everywhere... Except for when it wasn't, which brings us to the next trend I observed: White. 

White hardware:

Hardware from Atlas. 
I really loved the glossy finish, it gave this hardware a certain elegance.

Hardware by Richelieu.
See, God agrees, notice his light shining down on the pieces above?

White Appliances:

Range by Viking Appliances. 
I know, I know the world just gave white appliances the boot in favor of stainless steel. But THESE white appliances are different than the ones you tossed. The pieces featured at the show had the same industrial look we have all come to love, but with a glossy white finish mixed with chic and sharp. 

Hood by Vent-A-Hood.
Exhibit B: This hood is so clean, crisp and so yummy with that polished metal detailing. Bonus - Vent-A-Hood allows you to custom make their hoods, so one could choose to do the metal detailing in brass and then all would be right with the world. 

Speaking of brass and hoods, a lot of you joined me in celebrating the greatness of this little jewel I posted about on Instagram and Facebook:

Hood by Wilsonart. 

Hello Pretty. Interesting fact my friend Brittany pointed out - this hood is made out of metal laminate by Wilsonart - how cool is that? Oh, and please note the yellow toned cabinetry....color, brass, chevron - so many trends, so little time....

Another obvious trend we spotted were modern lines in cabinetry. A lot of vendors were showcasing sleek designs with minimal hardware and moldings. Interestingly, the spaces did not come across bland and cold, but instead came across warm and interesting. A style we dubbed - Warm Modern.

 For example:

Cabinetry by Northern Contours. 
This display was at the Northern Contour booth. This space is sleek - slab doors and drawers, no hardware, linear lines, but it's also warm thanks to the mix of the wood tones with the white. I was instantly drawn to the color combination, but think I appreciated it more because of the modern-esque qualities. 

One of my favorite kitchen and bath design features to focus on is the activity INSIDE the cabinet. Internal cabinetry components can take a cabinet from a simple shell to an organized haven for your possessions. It's amazing what a difference a little thought in this department can make to a kitchen or bath's ultimate functionality. How to make a cabinet function at it's highest potential is the name of the game and this year's show had several players.

By JTech. 
An outlet IN a drawer. Ladies, how convenient would this be? No more cords strewn all over the countertops, now your grooming tools can be stored and operated out of the same place!

By Elmwood. 
The pots, pan AND lid organization in this drawer under the cooktop is pretty genius and super savvy. 

Pullout by Rev-A-Shelf. Photo by Melissa Nagle. 
A knife block in a pullout next to the cooktop - how convenient! I really love the concept of all things cooking in reach when you are, well, cooking...It just makes sense. 

Disclaimer: IF you have little people in or around your kitchen you may want to look into installing a lock on a cabinet with the knife storage down low. The ease of accessibility could quickly become a stress factor if a child was to try to open this cabinet.

If this is a concern, but you still like the idea of the knife block off the counter - check out this option Melissa came across:

Pullout by Rev-A-Shelf. Photo by Melissa Nagle. 
And finally there was some general fabulousness in the form of animal print glass. Yes, animal print glass....

By Kallista. 
By Kallista. 
There were so many people crowded around this area it was hard to get a good picture, but you get the gist. I like the concept, but definitely feel it should be designed into a space with care. It could go Jersey Shore fast if done in haste.

Well, there you have it, my favorite KBIS moments of 2014. It was a good show with some good products. I can't say I came back feeling rejuvenated because frankly a 3 hour time change completely kicked my butt, but it was well worth it. KBIS 2014, well done!

Unless otherwise noted all photos are my own. 

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the idea of having outlets in the drawers. My biggest pet peeve is cords strung all over the counter. Such a great idea!!

- J

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