Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our New Toy & 10 Succulents

Lord knows we've painted all over our house. The walls, some furniture, the floor, heck even the ceiling! A few months ago we finally broke down and decided to buy a paint gun. The idea that with the simple pull of a trigger, paint could be evenly and effortlessly applied to our desired palette was VERY intriguing and exciting.

We went with the Husky Gravity Feed Spray Gun from Home Depot. It was around $80 and worth every penny.

We had a couple of projects in mind we'd like to tackle with our new toy, like painting the white picket fence and our outdoor shutters. But before jumping head first into those bigger undertakings, we thought we would do a little test run on a smaller, more manageable project to get our bearings.

You may remember last year I added four corbels to our dining room wall to hold succulents.

Ever since I've had this reoccurring thought - if four corbels are good, wouldn't 10 be better!? Once I convinced Brent the answer was YES, I got busy collecting cool, inexpensive corbels at antique stores and got them prepped for the big spray.

The whole prep was pretty straight forward. Brent thinned the paint with 10% water and then poured the paint through a strainer into the reservoir.  It's a gravity fed pneumatic spray gun which is basically a confusing way to say it uses compressed air to spray the paint.

With the gun full of paint I went to town and sprayed my little heart out. 

In the blink of an eye the corbels were painted and we were so happy with how surprisingly easy, fast and relatively mess free the whole process was.

Brent got busy hanging the corbels, which was also a pretty quick process, as we just eye-balled the placement. There is definitely a time and place for major contemplation, but this wasn't it. For this project, the more random, the better. With the corbels hung we purchased new succulents, got them all situated in their pots and before we knew it, the wall was feeling more and more like the entrance into a secret garden.

I mean really, who doesn't want to walk through a doorway dripping with beautiful, leafy plants everyday? It's like a fabulous jungle and I'm very much enjoying it! I might just need to add even more......Stay tuned..... And don't worry, the news of more corbels won't frighten Brent too much... Thanks to our new toy, projects like this are easy-peasy.

All photos are my own. 

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