Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Shutters

Not long after I posted about our shutter woes, we did ourselves and the neighborhood a favor and removed the rackety old shutters until we made our minds up about the new ones.

Never did the word bald seem more appropriate. Our poor house looked naked and ridiculous, which was probably a good thing because we were more encouraged than ever to get her fixed back up so we could look her in the face again with pride.

As you know we were teetering back and forth regarding the style and material for the new shutters. Thanks to all of your great feedback we ultimately went with your suggestions and decided on style #3 (paneled shutters) in vinyl. As many of you brought up, there is virtually no difference aesthetically between wood and vinyl and vinyl will hold up much longer. Plus it's cheaper AND  didn't require paint. Win, win, win.

We wanted the shutters to be hinged so as not to sit flat against the house. They were like this before and we really like the dimension this installation gave to the overall appearance. Because the backs of the vinyl shutters were hollow Brent took some measurements and cut strips of wood to glue on the back of the shutters to give himself something to screw in to.

Next he painted each piece of wood.....

and glued it into place.  

**Note, initially he used liquid nails, but this glue did not stick against the vinyl so we went back and got a product called Strong Stik from Home Depot, which worked like a charm**

And just like that it was go time. The whole install process took about 5 minutes. Yeah......easy-peasy. 

I really love the new style! So fresh and classic!

Oh, and would you look at that! Please allow me to introduce you to your first view of the entire front of our house sans Christmas tree plus new shutters. Big sigh of relief........my house is back to it's old charming self and is no longer bald or broken or blocked by a giant blue spruce. A happy sight indeed. 

All photos are my own. 

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~ Noelle said...

yall have such a cute home..
love it ;)

Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Thank you Noelle! :)

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