Sunday, September 28, 2014

Touch Faucet - 1 Year Later

For my second installment of "Friend or Foe, 1 Year Later" I want to discuss our Delta Touch Faucet.

I know it's a little early in the post to let this cat out of the bag, but....THIS.THING.IS.AWESOME!

Like by far one of our favorite features in our kitchen, awesome. Before I get into the whole explanation, let me bring you all up to speed as to what a "Touch Faucet" is. When you touch this faucet, and by touch I mean tap, slap or knock with your elbow the water comes on. No shifting or twist of the handles necessary. 

I first saw this product at KBIS (The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) a few years ago and remember thinking it was cool, but probably really expensive or complicated to install. I don't do a lot of plumbing specifying so this product remained filed in the depths of my brain until it was time to help my Grandparents with their kitchen remodel. I knew my PapaJack, who is an electrical engineer, would be all about the technology, plus he would be smart enough to figure it out, should it require some brainy install technique. Turns out the install was simple enough and the function was awesome.

Fast forward a few months and Brent and I were in the thick of decision making for our own kitchen remodel. There were a thousand-and-one things to pick out and agree on, but one thing we didn't have to think twice about was the faucet.

For both my kitchen and my grandparents kitchen we went with Delta faucets with the Touch20 Technology. Delta has a large offering of styles and finishes so it was easy to find the perfect faucet for each space. Pricing wise the addition of this technology was a bit more expensive, but in truth worth every extra penny.

I know some of you may be rolling your eyes right about now, thinking - how lazy can one be to pay extra money so as not to have to twist or turn a handle to activate your faucet. BUT LISTEN - just think about how many times you are in the middle of cooking, with your hands covered in flour, raw meat, cookie dough, etc...and you head to the sink to wash your hands and WHAM the mess that was once on your hands is now on your faucet. GROSS.

But not with the touch faucet ...allow me to demonstrate:

Oh you know....Just a typical Sunday, whipping up something super delicious, all Martha Stewart like....or maybe I just poured flour on my hands for the movie... either way pretty nifty, eh? After having lived with this faucet for over a year, I find myself slapping every faucet I come in contact with expecting it to turn on. Of course most don't and I look/feel like a fool, but ya know, so it goes....story of my life ;)

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All photos are my own. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Courtney, you made one decision in my new kitchen much easier! Touchless faucet it is!

Roxanne Vaughn said...

I don’t think of it as being lazy. But if it's something that will make stuff easier for you, then it's something worth prioritizing. If that touch faucet can make you more efficient with working in the kitchen, then it’s great. At the very least, you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning up after. Cheers!

Roxanne Vaughn @ Total Plumbing

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