Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Well, the exciting/great/crazy news train just keeps chuggin' along...

I am super excited to share that I am the new Kitchen Expert for About.com!!

When I was initially approached by About.com earlier this year, I definitely recognized the name, but when I visited the site I realized I had been there many times. Like so many people I 'Google' pretty much everything and over the years my random Google searches have led me to About.com. About.com is a great resource for any and all topics. With categories ranging from food and travel (About Food, About Travel) to tech and style (About Tech, About Style), I bet a lot of you have happened upon the site too!

As the Kitchen Expert, I will be under the About Home umbrella and I will be writing weekly articles associated with all things kitchen. I officially began posting my articles on April 1st. To date I have two articles(here and here) but I will be writing a lot more. 8 articles per month to be exact. This is my first go at freelance writing, but I'm really excited for the opportunity and ready for a new challenge!

Photography by Galina Coada Photography
My new gig will not affect The Cow Spot as I still plan to post weekly. But every now and then I will integrate the two outlets and do a blog post listing my recent About.com articles in case any of you all want to check them out. 

New endeavors can be scary, and I just signed up for a whole ton of writing on top of a full time job and an existing blog, but I love kitchen design and I enjoy sharing my advice, mistakes, triumphs and experiences, so I'm thinking this whole thing might just be a great idea! Fingers crossed!

Unless otherwise noted all photos are my own. 

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