Tuesday, September 8, 2015

About.com - August Recap

Another month, another 8 posts coming at ya from my About.com Kitchens Expert gig. I was all over the place with my topics last month but I'm pretty happy with the content, so read up and let me know what you think!

The backsplash is a great place to really add some texture and pizazz to your space. In this article I've found a handful of options that are not only pretty, but 100% steal the show in their respective kitchens. 

Whew - this is a conundrum a lot of people face when working on a new kitchen. Both options will get the job done, but which one is right for you and your kitchen? Read on to hear my thoughts, of which I have many, even though I don't cook. Don't judge. 

Wood....a subject I've learned a lot about during my time at Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios. A custom cabinet shop is the best place to see, learn and experience the characteristics of wood. If you have a specific look in mind for your cabinetry, this post will tell you which wood species you want to go with to achieve your desired aesthetic. 

Plates are such a fun, inexpensive and impactful way to fill a wall. You know I'm a fan, remember the  Blue Willow Swoosh we did in our dining room? Check out more plate wall ideas in this post. 

I could write a novel on this subject. As a designer there is nothing worse than seeing someones holiday spirit go down the drain because they are stressed and worried about their project getting done. Don't do it to yourself or the people around you. Read this post if you are even thinking about starting a project today to be done by Christmas. 

Everyone loves the look of white marble, but if the upkeep is just too much for you check out these quartz (man-made) countertop options. The two brand new offerings from Cambria are REALLY good!

7. Hidden Pantries

Hidden rooms are so lame...said no one ever. The truth is hidden rooms, specifically hidden pantries are cool on so many levels and this article talks about the many perks (cool factor included) to utilizing this concept in your space. 

I love a good backless barstool, especially when cow spots are involved. Check out a few other fun picks I gathered in this article.

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