Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Three Checks on the Baby Front

As of yesterday I am officially 22 weeks along! 

Speaking of the baby, word on the street is babies like to have a place sleep once they are born and come home from the hospital.  Whoa! Who knew!? This whole parenting thing has surprises around every corner. Kids these days.....


Somewhere around 20 weeks, which is technically the half way point, it occurred to us we might need to get cranking on the baby's room. We figured if the second half of this pregnancy goes half as fast as the first half, December will be here before we know it. Of course we've been tossing ideas around for a few months, but we were a whole lot of talk and pretty much zero action. But that all changed once we decided to get at least a few balls rolling and before we knew it we had managed to get three decisions checked off our list...

1. The room:

We have decided to make the "Yellow Room" the babies room.

Ooooh the yellow room....don't we all have one? Please God say the answer to that question is yes. For anyone that has been to our house at any point in the 2 1/2 years we have lived here you know this room as the world's largest catch all AKA the junkiest room in our house. The room where the door is always shut and the contents are always partially unknown. This room was actually a child's room for the family that lived here before us (hence the yellow paint) and really just made the sense for a nursery. It's the smallest of the bedrooms in the house and is complete with  two windows that bring in great natural light and a tiny little closet that will look so cute holding tiny little clothes.

It's been a scary no mans land for long enough and we are excited to transform it in to a fun environment for our mini Shearer. We have already started cleaning it out by throwing away, putting items on Craigslist and in a few weeks we are headed to Rome with a giant load for a yard sale. Once we can see the floor in it's entirety I think we can really start making some traction.

2. The wall color:

With the room selected it was time to figure out a color scheme and vibe for the space. We are not finding out the sex of the baby which is SO fun and exciting but also a bit limiting when it comes to decorating a room. We both agree we want to create a fun, happy space that feels like a natural extension of our home; a room that can grow and evolve with the baby without us having to completely revamp the space in a year or two. So, instead of creating a nursery that is decidedly "baby" we want to create a kids room that a baby can live in and then grow into a toddler and so on. With all of that being said we have decided that no fun, happy room is complete without...... white walls!?!?

I know white may seem like a drab choice, but DON'T WORRY! We already have some plans rolling around in our heads to bring a whole lot of fun and color to the space. I just think a nice clean neutral backdrop is the perfect starting place to kick the yellow room to the curb and prepare the space for any and all colors that might come it's way.

3. The crib:

We are playing with the idea of using the crib Brent used when he was a baby which is the same crib Cindy, his mom used when she was a baby. Here is a picture of Brent in the crib a few years back....

He doesn't seem to love the crib, but we are hopeful the baby will give it a chance ;)

It came up from South Georgia a few weeks ago and we have been working on it. If we can ensure we can make it safe for a baby born in 2015 then we are really excited to use it and love the idea that we will get to give it new life and a fun fresh look.  

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