Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Front Porch + DIY Buffalo Check Door Mat

Welcome to my fall front porch! 

Of course we have pumpkins......

.....and topiaries adorned with skulls and last but not least the perfect floor mat situation complete with a buffalo check backdrop. 

Go ahead and soak in the fall goodness and then settle in for a little story because nothing is easy folks.

About a month ago I saw this image by Julia Marcum (Chris Loves Julia) on Instagram and instantly became obsessed with recreating the look at my own house. 

The first step was snagging a buffalo check rug, but unfortunately, the rug linked to the post was from Overstock and was sold out. I requested to be notified when the rug became available again, but each time I was emailed it was back in stock it would be sell out again before I could enter my credit card information. Womp, womp! The chase made me want the rug even more and before long I was obsessed. In my mind Trick-or-treaters had to stand upon this setup to get their candy. Croix's first halloween had to be captured on this buffalo check goodness. I was determined so  I googled and googled trying to find other buffalo check options and while there were some, most were too expensive to be worth it and or all of the applicable sizes were sold out as well. I got so desperate I was even considering spray painting one when Brent suggested just buying some buffalo check fabric and folding it over to create the look of a rug. Ummm....genius! We  were at the fabric store Sunday anyways, and found the perfect fabric for $16.95 per yard. SOLD! 

As soon as we got home we folded the fabric over to fill the space between my planters and then set this Welcome mat from Target on top and wah-lah! 


Needless to say I'm in love. Oh, and the best part? Buffalo check not only works well for fall happenings like Halloween and Thanksgiving, but nothing says Merry Christmas like a buffalo check mixed with some red and green. At the end of the day this $33.90 (2 yards) investment will hopefully serve me and my front porch well for the rest of the year! 

All photos are my own. 

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