Thursday, November 3, 2016

We've Got the Whole World....In Our Living Room

Y'all we are making moves and have actually started nailing some art to the wall! 

I've talked before about the extreme difference in scale between our 1st house and our 2nd. Not only is our current house bigger, with more rooms, baths, etc..but everything is bigger scale wise. For example our kitchen table in house #1 is now the entry table in the foyer of house #2. The couch that was in the living room of house #1 is in our master bedroom in house #2. The size/scale difference is not a problem per say, it has just taken some time to re-think/find places for the the pieces we have and then try to figure out how to fill some of the bigger walls with new pieces of the proper scale. One wall that has been in particularly trying is the ginormous wall behind the couch in our living room.

This wall:

At 20 feet long and 10 feet tall we have really struggled to figure out what to do with this huge space. As the room as been slowly coming together we have been tossing around options and keeping an eye out for the perfect solution.

A gallery wall? A series of large mirrors? Picture ledges? We thought and thought, but nothing felt quite right. Then, a few weekends ago we were in Chattanooga for our annual 4th quarter birthday celebration and stopped in one of my favorite stores - Southeastern Salvage. It's one of those places you just pop in, never knowing what you might find. As we were perusing the isles Brent happened upon a map of the world broken up into 4 large, individually framed pieces. He pulled me over to take a look and I was instantly interested. The green and blue coloring + antique mirror detailing were really striking plus we had a feeling the scale was perfect for our XL wall in our living room. Plus, Brent and I both love to travel and have always liked the idea of incorporating a world map into our home in some way.

Each panel is 24 1/2" wide x 60" high. The plan was for the art to hang over the couch and because we didn't have the exact dimensions of the couch with us we were a little skeptical the pieces would be too large. However, Southeastern Salvage is not the kind of place you leave something you might be interested in with plans to come back, because it is almost always long gone by the time you figure out it's perfect. So, we talked to the associates and found out we could return the pieces if they didn't work within 30 days, so we decided to take a chance and bring them home to try. 

Well, guess what..........

They fit like a glove. The colors bring all of the elements in the space together - from the olive green bolster pillows I had made last year to the blue hues from the ocean painting over the left built-in. It's crazy what a full wall of color, texture and interest can do to make a room feel so much more complete. As much positive impact as some of the elements we had previously added (rug, couch/pouf/pendant lights and new built-in doors) to the space have contributed to this rooms overall vibe, nothing holds a candle to the way these framed pieces make this room feel equal parts cozy and refined. 

All photos are my own.

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Sally J said...

Looks beautiful!!

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Courtney Foster Shearer said...

Thank you ladies!

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