Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Musical Chairs

So, the funniest thing happened. I literally shopped my own home for the answer to a long time hunt for our dining room - chairs!

OK, so after we got the mantle all painted up, the space was feeling good, which made us even more eager to keep the ball rolling. The room definitely had/has a ways to go but one obvious element that was missing was chairs.  Ever since we had the table made and purchased the blue wing back chairs last summer we have been on a quiet hunt for dining room chairs but could never find anything just right.

Then a few weeks ago, my Aunt Janis offered us a set of dining room chairs from a house she is selling. They are a more traditional style antique (ish) stained wooden chair with an upholstered seat. While the current state of the chair would not work with the aesthetic of the room we were optimistic we could sand them down and reupholster the seats to make them jive. We hadn't had the chair 24 hours when Brent started sanding the finish down on one side of the chair and we immediately began the conversation about what color we would paint them. But, with every idea we threw around, it became more and more obvious to me that painted chairs would not work in this space. The table was stained, the wing back chairs were a blue upholstered fabric, painted dining chairs with another fabric on the seats just seemed like way too much going on. I knew the chairs needed to be stained in medium color similar to the table. And then it hit me.....I have chairs like that. Sitting just a few rooms over in our breakfast room were the chairs I needed.

Do you guys remember these chairs from our first house

They came with us when we moved and had been sitting around our breakfast room table. We had 6 of them and they were a wedding gift from my parents. We could only fit 4 around our little table in the first house, but needed 10 to fit around our much larger breakfast table at the new house. Unfortunately  they stopped making this exact chair so we ended up purchasing these other chairs from World Market and mixed the two styles around the table. It has looked good for the past 18 months, but in a flash I knew I needed those 6 upholstered chairs in the dining room stat....and guess what?

I was right. 

They are PERFECT and instantly felt right in the room. So now, all I need is 6 more of the "X" back bistro chairs to fill in the gap in the breakfast room and I'm back in business.

 I have to say it's pretty exhilarating making pretty things happen and spending zero dollars. I'm sure Brent would be thrilled if I started making a habit of this new shopping style. #eyeroll

All photos are my own. 

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