Tuesday, July 24, 2018

And then there were Four...

Croix is going to be a big brother!! 

I was 16 weeks yesterday which means just like my first pregnancy my nauseousness is gone, my energy is back and I'm feeling like myself again. Thank goodness!! I'm due in January so Croix and this baby will be 3 years apart. I know Croix will be a great big brother as he LOVES babies and is so sweet to his little cousin Gates. As for now, you can tell he doesn't really fully grasp the fact that HE is getting a baby, but I think it will start to sink in over the next few months as I start to show more.

So far we don't know if we are having a boy or girl. Last time we didn't find out, which tortured a lot of people, but was really fun for us. The game plan was to take the same approach this time, but for some reason I want to know more this time around. We play around with the idea of finding out but haven't made any final decisions yet...

It feels good to share the news and have all of you join us as we look forward to a very exciting new year! 2019.....we hope we are ready for you :)

All photos are my own.

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