Sunday, March 25, 2012

Splurge-a-rific Bathroom Add-ons

There are those add-ons in life that you never knew you needed until you got them. Take a car for example, there are so many amenities that are offered today, from heated seats, GPS and heated steering wheels to hands free phone devices and car TVs. The truth is, once you live with some of these add ons it's hard to live without them. In a world where everything you buy comes with an upgrade option, it's hard to decipher what items/add-ons are splurge worthy and which ones are just frivolous. As you navigate through a kitchen and bath remodel I know you are always looking for ways to spend more money, right?? Didn't think so, but spending a little extra for certain things can go a long way and really pay off in the long run.

TOTO Washlet E200 Series
Photo from Tot's website.
Allow me to introduce you to the Rolls Royce of toilet seats, the Toto Washlet. The Washlet is essentially a smart toilet seat with a long list of features that are cleverly hidden inside the seat. Some of the features include, heated seat with temperature control, an integrated wand that releases a warm, soothing stream of aerated water, warm-air drying with a variable three-temperature setting, massage features, automatic air purifier and a toilet lid that is activated by sensors and opens and closes on its own. Oh, and did I mention it has a wireless remote control with large LCD panel? Because this seat has all of the functions (and more) of a bidet AND it will fit on most standard toilets, it's an economical and aesthetic way to kill two birds with one stone. While these seats are not inexpensive, you can achieve both a toilet and bidet in one purchase. Washlet prices range from $727.00 to $1,890.00.

A spa like retreat has been a popular trend for many bathroom remodels. Nothing says spa like being greeted after a shower or bath with a nice warm towel, especially on a cold winter day. Towel warmers are the epitome of luxury. 
Warmly Yours Electric Towel Warmer
Photo from Warmly Yours website.

This towel warmer can be plugged into an outlet or hardwired; making this a good choice for someone who wants a towel warmer but doesn't want to involve an electrician. Wall hung towel warmers come in several different designs but for the most part have a more contemporary feel, maybe because most of them come in a stainless steel finish.

Warming drawers are typically found in the kitchen but are easily adaptable for bathroom use as towel warmers! Just like warming drawers you find in the kitchen you can panelize the appliance (add a cabinet front) so, upon entering the room the warming drawer is concealed - genius! The addition of a warming drawer is a good option for someone who is getting new cabinetry. Retro- fitting a warming drawer (towel warmer) to fit in an existing cabinet hole is not advisable.

MTI's Trina freestanding tub.
Photo from MTIs website.
At a point luxury is getting what YOU want, with features that benefit YOU and that's exactly what MTI Tubs is about. From an aesthetic standpoint the styles are endless, plus you can choose from  so many different features to make your tub fit you and your preferences. The choices begin with hydrotherapy type: soaker, whirlpool, airbath or a combination. If your tub has jets you can specify the placement of jets, which is a helpful feature especially for someone with back and joint pain. Other add ons include, aromatherapy which is the use of different aromatic essences used to induce relaxation and increase energy. Chromatherapy is the therapeutic use of different colors of light which can add to overall health and well being.  Audiotherapy is another add on option which is an invisible audio system that delivers full- bodied sound through the tub, harnessing the healing power of music. Today bathtubs serve as a major focal point for many spaces, so why not have it all - looks and function, now that's luxury.

Warmly Yours floor warming system with Smartstat thermostat.
Photo from Warmly Yours website.
Floor warming systems are a popular add for bathrooms, especially in those areas of the world with cold mornings. A large percentage of bathrooms have tiled flooring and cold mornings with bare feet on tile is definitely not the happiest of ways to wake up. Floor warming systems are installed underneath the flooring and produce heat that comes through the floor. The system can be controlled by a thermostat that you can actually set to come on say 15 minutes before your alarm goes off, so the bathroom is nice and toasty when you get up. I've read that one in five people or  20% of potential home buyers say that floor heating is a desired luxury when searching for and buying a new home.

As you can see there are many ways to take your bath to the next level. If you find your splurge wish list is getting too long, consolidate! Skip the warming drawer and just lay your towel on your heated floor while you are in the shower or tub and when you get out...wa la a heated towel! :)

Unless otherwise noted all photos are from google search.

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