Friday, March 2, 2012

Ta Da - Facelift Series Reveal

Over the past few weeks we have explored the various components used in this bathroom facelift; but, no matter how awesome one or two of those elements are, the true mark of an aesthetically pleasing space is how well all of the elements in the room come together to compliment each other.

So, here we go! It's time to wipe our brows, take a step back and look at the finished product. This is the best part of the design process, looking on with excitement, pride and admiration at the project you have just put so much of yourself into. So, without further adieu.....

( .....................Insert Angels singing................................)

As always, it's all about the details. While a lot of the big details have been covered in previous posts(here, here, here & here), it's the small details (the jewelry to the outfit) that finish off the space.

Purchased Details:

We will start with what may of been the luckiest find of the whole project (well, second to the hole in the wall) - the countertop...

 The countertop is Calcutta Gold marble from Atlanta Kitchens in Decatur. Atlanta Kitchens has a huge sale twice a year, we found out about the sale on the fly and just decided to check it out "for the fun of it."  As we perused the slab yard we came across this beautiful remnant piece, and would you believe it was literally the perfect size for this vanity?! It was meant to be and really adds so much to the room!

The shower curtain is from West Elm and was one of the first items purchased for the space. I liked the addition of  the "wall of fabric" in a room full of tile. The faucet is a single lever Delta faucet in Satin Nickel and came from PDI here in Atlanta (great source for plumbing). Because of the limited amount of counterspace, I felt the single lever was the best choice and offered a cleaner look. The hardware is from Restoration Hardware and is also in Satin Nickel. All of the towels and the shower curtain rod came from Target.

Details brought to life by Homemade Creativity:

The framed photograph you see was taken by Lori Foster. The photograph is of an outhouse at the country home of Jack & Mary Andrews, located in Carnesville, GA. The outhouse is over 100 years old!! I thought it was beautifully ironic to have an antique "bathroom" framed in a modernized bathroom.

And finally, you may have noticed the door knob and backplate in the first picture. For those of you just tuning it, this bathroom is in a 1930's bungalow here in Atlanta. The crystal door knob and backplate are original to the house. I've always loved the elegance the crystal knob and back plate brought to the home, but this love was intensified when I decided to paint the backplate Sherwin William's Caviar to match the vanity. The crystal knob just pops against the dark color adding the final pizazz to the space.

We packed a lot of punch into this little bathroom, but I'm so pleased with how peaceful, clean and dramatic the space turned out to be. It's times like this that I REALLY wish I had taken a before picture so you could truly appreciate how far this little space as come. But, I didn't so you will just have to imagine it, in all of its apple/lime green, white-on-white-on-white with a touch of blah glory! :)

Thanks for taking the journey with me!

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