Monday, August 10, 2015 - July Recap

Good Lord, time is going too fast! I can barely keep up! WE ARE IN AUGUST. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? July flew by and now it's like August 12th or something....oh wait, it's only the 10th. Whatever, anyways you get the point. July was a pretty good month for me over on I'm really starting to get in a rhythm with my posts and I'm enjoying this unique platform that allows me to talk about any and every little kitchen topic that pops into this weird little brain O' mine.

Here's what I had to say last month...

1. How I Styled My Kitchen Countertops

Did y'all know I've had my kitchen professionally photographed three times? For the longest time I just couldn't figure out why I loved the kitchen in person, but in photos the space came across flat and lifeless. Then, one day it hit me. STYLING...hello, it's how you put your personal stamp on any space, even a kitchen!

2. Knife Storage Solutions

Clever storage solutions are arguably the best part about re-doing your kitchen in 2015. There are so many cool inserts, concepts and custom elements just waiting to make your life more organized and functional. Even knife storage.....there are options folks, check them out in this article. 

3. Christmas in July

This article is a happy escape to the most wonderful time of the year. You know....December when the air is cool, people are jolly and houses and their kitchens are bursting with holiday flair. 

Another day, another countertop option to consider.'s a beauty, but is it the right choice for your kitchen? Read to find out...

5. Red in the Kitchen

I have been obsessed with red as of late. So, naturally I went and wrote an article about it as a fun escape to research different ways to integrate this color into the kitchen. 

6. When Pendant Lights are a Bad Idea

Pendant lights are enticing no doubt, but some kitchens just don't need them. In fact they can be down right distracting to bigger, more expensive elements in the space. Before you go out and buy, buy, buy check out this article to see if pendant lights are the right choice for your space. 

Gosh, I could write a novel here. Oh wait, I did...well, not a novel but a pretty passionate article! :)

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