Sunday, August 2, 2015

At Home with Bethenny Frankel

I really love getting to peek into a celebrities home. You know, see how the other side lives decorates. Sometimes I daydream about all the weird and fabulous things I would buy if I had a limitless amount of resources. I mean seriously, if money was no object one could go crazy (in a good way) and really let their freak flag fly. 

Because kitchens are my jam I'm always especially interested in seeing that space if a home tour pops up on the radar.  People Magazine recently had a feature on Bethenney Frankel's new Bridgehampton farmhouse which included THIS shot of her kitchen:  

How pretty is this kitchen? I love the classic white vibe with the bold pops of red. It's so fun and fresh!

For those of you unfamiliar Bethenney Frankel, she is the genius creator behind the Skinny Girl product line, in addition to an author and television personality on The Real Housewives of NYC. If you follow Bethenney at all you know that red has been her signature color in everything from her branding to her outfit choices. With that being said I was not at all surprised to see the red hue pop up in her space. What I was surprised about was how much I liked it! 

It's weird because for a few weeks now I've been into red. I've always loved the color in clothes, accessories and nail polish, but rarely ventured in that direction for interiors. However, as of late I've been drawn to spaces utilizing red and seeing this kitchen just solidifies my new found love for this accent color! I think red, especially a bold fiery red, is most impactful and pretty when surrounded by classic elements. In Bethenny's kitchen the red, while the definite eye-catcher in the space, is actually minimal. The barstools are the main red components in the space, and even they are mixed with two other colors - brown and white. This approach allows the accent color (red) to shine bright and add a fun layer of unexpected fun and flare to the space without totally overwhelming it and making the room as a whole feel wild and un-relatable. 

Red is in and I'm on board...and ready to jump on the train, what about you? Are you feeling it?


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